Letters to the Editor

Letter: We need more guns

The world is reeling from the senseless massacre in a Colorado theater. God bless and be with those killed and injured and their families.

Of course, the immediate call for more gun control came from those who don’t understand. There are enough gun-control laws on the books right now.

I believe, like so many others, that in this post-Sept. 11 world, we need more guns in the hands of qualified, responsible adults.

It appears the killer in this instance had no record except for a parking ticket and was responsible, smart and quiet. His murderous rampage was an anomaly, only that.

In the recent past, the horrific shootings at Columbine and Virginia Tech, to name just two, could have been lessened to a big degree if only there had been someone else armed in the venue who could’ve ended the murder by shooting the maniacs.

The only way to stop a raging, homicidal maniac who is actively killing innocent people is to incapacitate that person. To run toward the threat, not away from it! By running away, more people become victims by becoming easy targets.

I vow, if I am ever in a situation like that (God forbid), I will do everything in my power to confront and stop the threat.