Letters to the Editor

Letter: Not a problem then

Reading Bill Denneen’s letters (most recently on July 12) regarding nuclear waste, I feel doubly compelled to respond to some very inaccurate information.

First, the Obama administration put a stop to the development of the Yucca Mountain project, which would store the nation’s high-level nuclear waste. If this repository had been finished, much less irradiated nuclear fuel would have to be stored at the nuclear plant sites.

Second, Mr. Denneen did not go to jail because, as he stated, “they did not know what they would do with their waste.” He most likely was jailed because of some kind of civil disobedience, such as trespassing, un lawful assembly, disorderly conduct, etc., in the vicinity of the plant’s main gate.

During that time, the plant had not begun to operate; hence, there was no irradiated nuclear fuel, and the spent fuel pools were empty. There was no far-reaching issue of the storage of spent fuel at the time.

Third, the largest demonstration against the plant occurred in 1981, organized by Mothers for Peace and the Abalone Alliance. Thousands were arrested for civil disobedience.