Letters to the Editor

Letter: Workable solutions

Regarding the July 15 article in The Tribune on the homeless shelter’s proposed site: It makes me wonder, why now do these businesses balk at the placement of an incredibly needed project for our fellow human beings?

In the late ’40s, when my father was trying to find a home for us to rent, he was so dismayed by the attitude of landlords that he exclaimed that maybe he should drown his three young children.

It’s that frustrating when there are no solutions proposed, only complaints! We were fortunate that he was able to buy a home, and I count my blessings and give thanks for a comfortable life.

What would these naysayers have us do with folks not so fortunate? Of course, they wouldn’t want harm to come to those in need of shelter, would they? It would smack of something history should have taught us. We can have meetings and discuss this to no end, but we have people in need now. Come on, folks; look into your heart before you condemn your brothers.

Life as we know it is different; that’s the reality now. So please look for solutions that are workable, not dismissable to those less fortunate.