Letters to the Editor

Letter: Political 'enemies'

The proper lady would never discuss politics or religion with friends. However, this election, more than ever, I feel we each are determining the opportunities, debt, health, jobs, safety, education and environment for our grandchildren and their children. I also feel this forum is a great place to debate. A good debate can help us learn from one another, versus dislike one another.

So please share your feelings and concerns here in this paper and with one another. However, please don’t dislike your friends who disagree with you. Listen, ingest and learn from their points of view.

I believe debate helps us uncover and refine our own truth. Most of us realize that Fox, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck lean ultra-right, MSNBC and Air America lean ultra-left and the other mainstream media fall somewhere trickled in between, depending on their corporate owners.

I am registered independent and lean quite left in social issues, especially when it comes to equality and offering future generations the opportunities I had growing up in America. Yet I do not dislike any of my friends who disagree with me. Their thought processes often baffle me, but I listen to their explanations and value them as unique individuals.

My challenge to all of you, dear ones, is to change your channels, read various publications, and truly listen to your perceived “enemies.”