Letters to the Editor

Letter: Focus on ethics

The July 16 Tribune reported that the Public Relations Society of America has launched a pilot project at five business schools to teach MBA students how to handle crises and preserve corporate reputations.

Recently, a friend sent me an article by Pat Garofalo titled “Wall Street Executives Believe Employees Need to Engage in Illegal Behavior to Succeed.” Something is wrong with this picture.

Wouldn’t it make more sense for business schools to focus on ethics in business rather than on how to handle a scandal once it occurs?

My guess is that highly publicized, nefarious activity costs companies lots of money, along with tainted reputations that lead to a lack of confidence in a corporation.

Because profit is high on all businesses’ radar, shouldn’t the potential MBA graduate be encouraged to research firsthand the impact of some of the various ethical transgressions that have taken place in corporate America to find out how these actions affected the bottom line?

If somehow people could learn and believe that there is a correlation between ethical companies and profit, the next group of managers might get us back on track and the United States might actually regain some of the respect it’s lost.