Letters to the Editor

Letter: Kudos on the bridge

On my commute to work, I travel on both Price Canyon Road and Highway 227, often twice daily.

I would like to commend and thank Souza Construction for the fabulous orchestration and clever planning it must have taken to widen the bridge over the historic railroad tracks near Edna.

I am impressed with the speed and accuracy Souza Construction exhibited while working on top of a narrow bridge. I have never had to wait more than three minutes and in rush hour traffic, the workers have seemingly all gone to the creek below.

For one with a bit of bridge phobia, the importance of safety and timeliness is even more important, as Iwould not like to wait on top while sitting in my car.

I also wish to thank the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Department, as never before have I seen so many on the beat. Under this new team, finally I see that much-needed order will come to control the ridiculous speeds at which many have been traveling for years.

Finally, it is my personal goal to work closely with Supervisor Adam Hill and Caltrans to one day have a crosswalk where bikes and families could again cross safely in or near the town of Edna.