Letters to the Editor

Letter: Lame duck decisions

Why does it take six months for a defeated sitting member of the Board of Supervisor to be re placed by the winning candidate? The presidency of the United States transfers power in two months, there was a time it took five months to replace the president but that changed after Abraham Lincoln.

Jim Patterson is a lame duck, the longer into the six-month replacement time he sits on the board, the more it is unjust that he is making decisions that he will have no responsibility for.

I am not in Mr. Patterson’s district, I have nev er met Debbie Arnold, but she is the elected member of the Board of Supervisors. Jim Patterson is not. In the technological age we live in it is easy to communicate the information that I am sure Ms. Arnold has the intellect to gather for her to be ready to take her rightful position after two months, not six.

If the federal government can do it, why can’t the county?