Letters to the Editor

Letter: Chumash objections

I’m writing in response to the July 9 Tribune article “Tribe’s access to site gets rocky.”

Mentioned in the article is a State Parks memorandum of agreement that allows a Salinan group and the Northern Chumash to climb Morro Rock to perform solstice ceremonies.

The article states the Chumash have not climbed the rock and have not applied to do so. Although I can only speak for my own tribe, we have not applied as we don’t want to climb Morro Rock and I believe all Chumash would object to this misuse.

The article discusses allegations of human remains left in crevices of Morro Rock by a Salinan tribe. A search of the rock apparently did not reveal any human remains, but if the remains consisted of small fragments, it would be almost impossible to locate them. I hope there can be continued investigation to find the truth of this serious matter.

Quoting from the same article, you wrote “The Chumash area extends from southern San Luis Obispo County into Southern California.”

A more accurate description would include northern SLO County as part of Chumash area as it’s well known that at the time the missions were founded, a number of Northern Chumash villages were located in what is now northern SLO County.