Letters to the Editor

Letter: It’s called free speech

Bob Cuddy writes that he has recently learned that Obamacare “has benefited tens of thousands of people on the Central Coast.” But nobody but Bob Cuddy seems to know any of them! He fails to substantiate his assertion by giving any concrete evidence about these thousands of people, and we are supposed to believe him!

He goes on to lecture us about the fact that “it” should be called by its proper name, the Affordable Care Act, and not Obamacare.

Pardon me, but we still can call it anything we want, so says the Supreme Court when it said it’s OK to lie about your “service record.” It’s called free speech, Bob.

Finally, he berates his fellow travelers, the liberal press, for not pointing out all of the folk who have benefited so much due to Obamacare’s passage. Maybe because even the omnipotent New York Times can’t find anyone to write about.

Bob, in case you didn’t read the Supreme Court decision, it clearly states that the only reason the act is constitutional is because Congress has the right to impose taxes, and the court held that the mandate is a tax to be collected by none other than the Internal Revenue Service.