Letters to the Editor

Letter: Train will cost more

So our Legislature passed the funding for our high-speed rail project. The cost reported of $68 billion is a hallucination. It was estimated closer to $100 billion previously, then reduced after the public outcry.

There will be cost overruns, miscalculations and graft. Just think of the Big Dig in Boston. Those who think that this will also help out the horrible unemployment in the Central Valley are mistaken. The labor force there is primarily agricultural; therefore, the labor will be provided by the union halls in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Gov. Jerry Brown needs to repay his union cronies who helped elect him. Paraphrasing Albert Einstein, “Insanity is electing the same people over and expecting different results.”

We gotta stop this nonsense soon, or California will be like Greece. Although I do like baklava.