Letters to the Editor

Letter: Not so radical

I have been a registered Democrat for the last 45 years and I’m sad to hear all the name calling and partisan rhetoric in all the mass media, newspapers as well as on radio and TV from all sides. When I have questions about an organization, I try to make contact and attend some of their meetings, meet some of their members and find out what they are all about.

I have attended a number of Tea Party meetings in North San Luis Obispo County and talked to many of their members. I have found that they are interested in promoting the free market and want a fiscally responsible federal government limited by the U.S. Constitution. I do not find this radical in any sense of the term.

They invited candidates from several different political parties to talk to the membership during the last primary election. I think people who really want to find out more about the Tea Party should go to their website, www.northcountyteapartypatriots.org, and find out the time and location of the next meeting.