Letters to the Editor

Letter: Freedom remains

I am writing concerned about those who are complaining (whining) about the plastic bag ban.

I think these persons actually do not want to be seen or bothered carrying bags with them. The whiners must not shop at Costco, where they do not have grocery bags. My 86-year-old father has been shopping at Costco for years, and he’s never complained that Costco doesn’t have bags. Costco still has bags for the meat area, which stores will also continue to have.

Your freedoms are not being taken away, and you can use whatever bag(s) you want; you may just have to pay for it. Plastic bags are trashing our world. A caller to a local radio station said he has been surfing many years and has never seen a plastic bag in the water while surfing. Look up the Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch to learn about plastic pollution across the North Pacific Ocean. Does he (and others) not see plastic bags hanging in trees, stuck in fences, and floating in gutters? Do they collect those and dispose of them properly?