Letters to the Editor

Letter: Tired of hearing it

I’m tired of hearing about the debt incurred by college students upon graduation. It doesn’t have to happen, as there are ways to graduate with little or no debt. The time to plan for college is when a child is born, and that responsibility, of course, rests with the parents.

I read with interest that some students want government to forgive their debt. There is a way the government will provide for a great share of college costs: Simply do a term in the military. The pay is such that you can save money, plus programs are available for veterans; side benefits are the travel and the people you meet.

Students themselves can do a great deal to fund college with part-time jobs through the high school years. Another avenue for the student is to work a year and save money and then do another year of college.

With the difficulty of entering California schools, even for qualified students, there are many fine schools out of state. It’s not difficult to establish residency to qualify for lower tuition.

I personally followed most of these principles and still graduated in three and a half years, with honors.