Letters to the Editor

Letter: Funny stuff

I love humor in the letters to the editor section! First, Istar Holliday (“Check into Issa,” June 26) expresses disdain because Rep. Darrell Issa is not a perfect politician. How dare he criticize? It’s all political, duh. Does Istar actually think “perfect” Democrats will deal with their miscreants? They never do.

Second, Norm Jackson (“Story placement,” June 26) says citizens have weak minds and with video sales pitches politicos can accomplish mind control. Balderdash!

Yep, first believe in perfect politicians and then believe people can secretly be mind-controlled by videos.

If an alleged crime occurred (Eric Holder), it should be investigated, even if by an imperfect politico (aren’t they all)!

If Madison Avenue and Hollywood could employ mind-control techniques, we know which party would benefit from their support.

Two hilarious letter writers and the ever silly Paul Krugman on the same day. You guys rock!