Letters to the Editor

Letter: Something grand

After looking over the West Grand Avenue Plan for Grover Beach for several days, I can say something grand is in the making.

Along West Grand and between Oak Park and 14th Street, we might see a medium-sized outdoor mall, aka lifestyle center, which could be like a larger version of Carmel Plaza in Carmel. If a pedestrian-oriented mall does not go there, one may go between Highway 1 and Fifth Street in the visitor-serving district.

The plan calls for development and redevelopment in three sectors. The central business district (downtown), visitor serving district and commercial serving district. The planned Grover Beach Hotel and Conference Center would be near the visitor serving district. In the visitor serving district, plans call for cafes, coffee shops, beach-themed shops and restaurants and places to buy art and look at art. Within each plan are hopes to attract people to visit Grover Beach and generate needed tax revenue for the city.

The West Grand Avenue Plan may be several years away from any development, but it will be great once developments are completed.