Letters to the Editor

Letter: Bags hardly a freedom

Kudos to my “neighbor” John Shemick for his recent letter, “Plastic bags no joke.”

I am really tired of hearing from those who feel that outlawing plastic bags means “big brother” is taking another freedom from us. The fact is that we have demonstrated that not enough of us can keep track of those bags to keep them off our streets and our beautiful open lands and out of our streams and, most importantly, our precious Pacific Ocean.

Then there was the recent letter from a woman who said that she had reusable bags, but sometimes didn’t have enough. Wow — buy a few more reusables and toss them in the car trunk.

Finally, for anyone who isn’t yet convinced that there’s a plastic bag problem, I implore you to educate yourself by researching the following sites: www.plasticsareforever.org and www.savemyoceans   .com/plastics.php