Letters to the Editor

Letter: Be grateful

I have always wondered how government could afford benefits we could not in the private sector, having worked in it for 41 years. And now the bargaining that goes on between government workers, by government workers. Government complains about paying a portion into their retirement plan. As a self-employed person, we must contribute both employer and employee costs of our Social Security and Medicare benefits.

To survive the budget cuts, some employees have furlough days but still get full medical benefits , some paid for. Being in that wonderful age corridor of 60 to 65, it cost my wife and me $20,000 for our medical insurance with a large deductible.

The ultimate cost to a private business owner during a recession is the closing of their business, and this is usually after they have mortgaged their home or lost it and cashed in all their savings, including retirement and college funds.

So if you have been fortunate to have a pay package that never was funded for, be grateful for what you still have because the bad news is it still isn’t properly funded and it’s not fair for me to pay for you, what I can’t do for my own family.