Letters to the Editor

Letter: Black and white hats

At a recent SLO City Council meeting, the Downtown Association/Safe Night Life Committee requested their role be “codified” in the alcohol outlet regulations.

Giving “special interest” groups a “codified” role in this process allows members privileges, or the appearance of privileges not afforded to non-members, thus taking away the level playing field that should be given to everyone.

My experience has shown the more people involved in a regulatory action, the more difficult for the hearing officials to make a fair decision. The Downtown Association/ Safe Night Life Committee not having a “codified” role would not interfere with their ability to assist the city or business owners in addressing the problems downtown. The process allows groups/individuals to be notified of actions being taken against establishments, as well as the ability to attend the hearing and speak.

I am glad these groups want to work with the city to resolve current problems that are keeping many of the residents away from the downtown. I ask that they please allow city staff to handle the regulatory process. Keep in mind, some of us were meant to wear the black hats (bad guys) and some the white ones (good guys).

Trust me, you want to wear the white one.