Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 6/4

A12 a smart move

The Arroyo Grande Valley Chamber of Commerce believes that Measure A12, the bond measure to build a new police station, is a smart move. The proposed station, to be located on land the city already owns, would provide a safe facility with room to grow if needed. The layout includes a secure parking area — ideal when transporting suspects from vehicles to the main building.

The city looked at several alternatives prior to selecting the proposed site. Those options included remodeling the current space, which was not cost effective, and remodeling another commercial space, which proved to be more expensive than building a new facility.

Anyone who has seen the police station knows why there is an urgent need for a new one. Cramped quarters, a leaking roof and a lack of important public safety features in the building create an unsafe working environment. Delaying the inevitable won’t take away the need, it will simply make the eventual project more expensive. Replacing and extending the length of fire station bonds passed in 2002 will fund the project, and residents won’t see a change in the amount they currently pay.

We believe Arroyo Grande needs a new police station and urge you to vote yes on Measure A12.

Judith Bean

President/CEO, Arroyo Grande Chamber of Commerce

Give change a try

We have several career politicians (incumbents) running for re-election this year. The same people in office will give us the same ideas, the same thoughts, and the same performance. But new ideas and fresh perspectives are good for our future. They sometimes lead us in new directions that are better than the status quo.

Change is frightening for some; but for others it brings excitement and hope for a brighter future. Even our president is only allowed to serve eight years in office. Give change a try this Election Day.

Becky Collie


Positive messages

I have been disconcerted by the factionalization and divisiveness that have permeated past Morro Bay elections. That is why I am so pleased by the breath of fresh air represented by the campaigns of Jamie Irons (mayor), Christine Johnson and Noah Smukler (council).

Though others have tried to return to the finger-pointing style of previous contests, Jamie, Christine and Noah have remained above the fray, working tirelessly for months to speak personally with as many Morro Bay citizens as possible by walking neighborhoods, making personal phone calls, attending farmers markets and hosting coffees at every coffee shop in town. Their messages are unfailingly positive. They know we face many challenges as a small city with limited financial resources but are prepared to work hard to see that our needs are met fairly, even-handedly and without gratuitous rancor.

No matter the outcome of our primary election on June 5, or whether a runoff is required in November, I am proud that my city has produced such qualified and likeable candidates.

I urge my fellow citizens to vote for Jamie, Christine and Noah and usher in a council majority that understands that we can disagree without being disagreeable.

Jane Heath

Morro Bay

Honor to vote

As a volunteer with our local wildlife rehabilitation clinic, I got a call one morning from our county supervisor, Jim Patterson. He was concerned about a fawn that had been limping around his property alone for many days with no sign of being able to recover and move on.

Together, we were able to capture the little guy and get him into the care clinic for rehabilitation. I have known Jim for many years, and he has always been hardworking, compassionate and ready to pitch in and help his neighbors in this county.

It was an honor to help him as it was to vote for Jim by mail last week. Please mark your ballots for Jim Patterson for county supervisor.

Marty Brown


Government’s role

In this election year, the role of government in our lives is a major issue. In our 5th District race for county supervisor, the incumbent says he’s done a good job of helping manage San Luis Obispo County’s affairs through responsible fiscal practices and reasonable steps to preserve as much as possible of what is good about this county that we all appreciate.

The challenger says that county government is too big and too intrusive due to “overreaching regulations.”

We have probably all griped about excessive bureaucracy in one way or another. But good governance is not necessarily excessive governance.

Jim Patterson, the incumbent, has been a proponent of responsible government and he has done it with action and not just talk. In hard economic times, the current Board of Supervisors has managed our finances deftly, making appropriate cuts in County spending while maintaining needed services. The board has also supported the mainstays of our local economy: tourism and agriculture. Both candidates tout the need to maintain the SLO County way of life. I think Jim Patterson has been helping to do that for years and that he deserves re-election.

Dug Chisholm


Moving to the center

In the upcoming election I will be supporting Adam Hill and Abel Maldonado, and for a similar reason — they have the personal integrity and confidence to make decisions based on their convictions and not on any perceived duty to their party.

Adam understands SLO County needs a solid economy and sound environmental considerations and that these do not instantly create conflict. He has the fortitude to not cave in to the extreme left in the Democratic Party and works diligently to create jobs in his district and the county.

Abel is an effective legislator. He had the guts to oppose the extreme right of the Republican Party and voted for a budget created by Democrats. This demonstrated he will vote his conscience and not be controlled by the Republican Party.

Both parties need to come to the center if government is going to be effective. Adam and Abel have convinced me they will vote their conscience and not what their party orders them to do.

Charley Senn


Practical solutions

Focused. Knowledgeable. Practical.

These three words best describe the informal presentations by Ms. Debbie Arnold, candidate for District 5 supervisor, and Mr. Chris Mitchum, candidate for Congress, at the home of Mr. and Ms. Joy Miller and Kent Kerry on a recent afternoon.

Debbie and Chris shared their views and practical political solutions for about an hour with about 50 partisan guests. Debbie and Chris discussed some of the messes made by former liberal politicians in San Luis Obispo County and their consequences.

Debbie and Chris educated the attendees in some of the difficulties of matching budget needs and constitutional mandates with constitutional limitations, both federal and state. They get my vote.

Edward Veek


Keystone to freedom

Samuel Adams said, “On the people therefore of the United States, it depends whether wise men or fools, good or bad men shall govern. Let each citizen remember at the moment he is offering his vote, that he is not making a present or a compliment to please an individual — or at least that he ought not to do so; but that he is executing one of the most solemn trusts in human society for which he is accountable to God and his country.”

Abraham Lincoln: “Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves, and under a just God, cannot long retain it for themselves.”

It is the natural disposition of almost all men, once they gain authority, that they will immediately begin to exercise unrighteous dominion with regulations, fees and a fine for plastic grocery bags. The only reason we ever adopt a law is to compel those people to obey it who would not do so unless threatened with a loss of life, liberty or property.

Strong local self-government is the keystone to preserving human freedom. Debbie Arnold will hold government accountable. She stands for your freedom.

Ramona Phillips