Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: On the June 5 election

A vote for safety

Arroyo Grande is a special and unique place. The character of the community is wonderful and its citizens deserve the “best.” The people of Arroyo Grande deserve a police department that not only responds efficiently to their needs, but also an adequate facility that sets a foundation for the same.

As a peace officer who worked at 200 N. Halcyon Road, I witnessed the growing pains experienced by our department. The 1989 department expansion was a temporary fix for what was about to come.

The city grew on both sides of Highway 101, which increased our calls for service and our staffing. The main component left out of this equation was our police facility. The infrastructure of our building at 200 N. Halcyon Road was more conducive to a smaller agency, and today displays the image of a “compound” rather than a police department.

I urge the citizens of Arroyo Grande to join me in voting “yes” on Measure A-12. There is no formal opposition to this measure, nor does it promote an increase in property taxes. Your vote is not only a vote for public safety but also a vote supporting the Arroyo Grande community.

Dave Sanchez

Arroyo Grande

Yes, apology needed

In response to Mr. Tim Rochte’s May 23 letter, “An apology owed”: I think we should be thanking Ms. Debbie Arnold for sticking up for the taxpayer.

Unlike Mr. Rochte, I have seen Debbie’s mail and I have heard her radio spots on the subject of Air Pollution Control District salaries. She never mentioned the district’s executive director, Larry Allen, by name and only points out a budget vote made by Supervisor Jim Patterson that gave Mr. Allen a huge raise that results in a total compensation package of $240,119. I’m glad she pointed this out.

Now what do we see in the newspaper? The headline: “Budget trouble for air district; annual shortfall could reach $655,000 in five years.”

Let me get this straight: We taxpayers are giving the director a raise, while his agency drops into budget deficit?

Mr. Rochte, you’re right. Somebody needs to apologize.

Carla Young


Kick tobacco habit

We should get over tobacco. It has crushed lives and families for centuries. We know enough to control it now, but until it can be made a part of civilization’s dust bin, let’s punish the greedy, cruel tobacco cartel that acts like mobster racketeers and reward society by reducing many of the burdens of tobacco on all of us. (Think disease, death, disability, SSI payments for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, medical bankruptcies, fires, high health insurance to cover tobacco-related diseases, high Medicaid costs, political lies and extremism and environmental damage in the production and distribution of tobacco, to name just a few.) All of the anti-Proposition 29 ads are lies and nonsense — the same ones used 23 years ago against Proposition 99.

Vote “yes” on Proposition 29 for a tobacco-free California we can all be proud of. It will help us to spend more on the CDC’s goal of real tobacco control.

On behalf of the unanimous boards of the SLO County Medical Association and the California Medical Association, the San Luis Obispo City Council and health charities, we thank you. Your “yes” vote helps many future generations here and saves lives and billions of dollars, starting right away.

Dr. Steve Hansen and Dr. Fred Vernacchia

San Luis Obispo

Give this attention

When I read the letter to the editor by Greg McMillan on May 29 regarding Debbie Arnold possibly misrepresenting herself to voters as a green-friendly candidate, I wondered whether The Tribune should investigate the truth of it and do a news article or editorial on it. It seems to me to be important news in a local high-stakes campaign. I think it warrants more attention than just a letter to the editor.

Douglas Pillsbury

San Luis Obispo

No-nonsense Hayes

Morro Bay’s largest financial issue is the new sewer treatment plant. We have an opportunity to vote for two City Council members who will help make the sewer plant a reality. Of the four running for City Council, Jim Hayes is most qualified to speak to this large financial issue.

Jim worked for the Street Department for 12 years, in the plant directly for 12 years and in the wastewater collection department for seven years. He knows what it’s going to take to build a new plant.

Jim is a no-nonsense, straight-talking, hard-working citizen who raised his family in Morro Bay. He entered this race because he saw the need for a strong voice in our community — someone who understands how the economy has hurt families; how we need a strong, viable business community; how we need to keep our public safety agencies at professional levels with training and equipment. He understands we need to repair aging streets, water and sewer lines. Jim works well with other people to get problems solved without all the political rhetoric. He is passionate about wanting to bring this town together and make a better, stronger Morro Bay for all of us.

S.C. Tannler

Morro Bay

The defining issue?

It was surprising to hear comments made by callers to the Dave Congalton show last week concerning the 5th District supervisory race. While many of the major issues such as health care for the uninsured, water conservation, homelessness and hunger were not mentioned by some callers, the issue that seemed to really get Debbie Arnold supporters fired up was plastic bags.

I couldn’t help but think, “Really?” Do voters really believe limiting single-use plastic bags is the defining issue of this race? It was surprising as well as sad to hear folks get so vehemently worked up over plastic bags. If that same sense of concern and potential energy could be addressed to some of the important issues, I’m sure we could make progress in finding solutions.

I, for one, am glad every day to have an intelligent, practical, hardworking and fiscally responsible supervisor working for the continued growth and protection of our county. Please join me in voting for the re-election of Supervisor Jim Patterson on June 5.

Bruce Bonifas


A dedicated servant

Education and learning are the keys to our prosperity. They are not just tools for students, but also part of a well-rounded life for the entire community. We are now investing in our community by constructing a new library that will facilitate lifelong learning for children, adults and the elderly throughout North County, and we owe a great deal of thanks to Jim Patterson for moving this project forward.

Supervisor Patterson is dedicated to lifelong learning, from his close work with groups at Cal Poly, to his support of professional learning centers, and all the personal time he has dedicated to make the library a reality.

The 5th District is lucky to have such a dedicated public servant in Jim Patterson, and I urge voters to support Jim on June 5.

Doris Lefevre


A foul odor

As I approached my mailbox today, I detected the distinct odor of something rotten and putrid.

When I got to the mailbox, I checked around to see if there was a dead animal rotting nearby. I found nothing. When I opened the mailbox, I found the source of my dilemma: Ed Waage’s political literature attacking SLO Supervisor Adam Hill in a most unfortunate way.

Lou Robinson

San Luis Obispo