Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 3/3

Attack on character

The boldly assuming Jon Clarke (letters, Feb. 28) uses the age-old “argument ad hominem” — destroy the person’s character — because he has no facts to support his own prejudices. Clarke incorrectly assumes that just because I was willing to support the appearance of a controversial speaker, he understands my worldview. He claims to know I am “racist.” Growing up in Finland, I was exposed to different cultures and learned four languages. Here, I housed and supported an African family from Burundi at our home for almost two years.

“Sexist,” he says. I believe all men and women are created equal with unalienable rights, among them life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. One way my wife of 44 years and I honor each other is by being faithful to each other. I supported my daughter to become a pilot, to attend the U.S. Air Force Academy and to have risen to the rank of Lt. Colonel as an emergency medicine doctor.

As a financial planner for more than 40 years and having interacted equally with thousands of clients, I have never feared or turned back anyone of any persuasion who needed insurance or financial advice.

Clarke obviously believes that anyone disagreeing with his political views uses “consistently offensive language.” Having done my undergraduate and graduate studies in philosophy, I feel very sorry for such an ignorant, narrow mind and worldview.

Matt Kokkonen

San Luis Obispo

A woman’s right

My life experience of nine pregnancies and 10 children in 20 years allows me to comment on Maura Casey’s “Catholic Women Must Speak Out” (Feb. 22). I dearly love my children; I am grateful for the children’s assistance that makes my 86 years more comfortable.

Unlike Maura Casey’s mother, I was not courageous enough to seek out contraceptives; I feared my now deceased husband’s rage. My choice: quietly, non-assertively leave the Catholic Church.

Contraceptive health care is a basic right for girls/women, as are civil rights. The Vatican, politicians, government or insurance companies have no right to control. This is a women’s issue and it is time to speak out.

Dorothy Yelda

San Luis Obispo

A grab for votes?

While reviewing a recent Tribune, I read an interesting article regarding one of our Democratic politicians from San Francisco, Tom Ammiano, who is pushing a bill to restrict California law enforcement agencies from sending in fingerprints of suspects in custody to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Note, these crimes are not for being here illegally, but rather, are crimes against our communities. As a Hispanic American who has lived in the United States for 62 years, I find this very interesting.

It’s astounding that a politician who is elected to represent the people of this country and help keep the communities safe and secure would take such an unrealistic approach. Do you think he’s planning ahead for the next election?

Don Marteen

Paso Robles