Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 3/1

Second thoughts

Regarding the Nipomo Community Services District water pipeline project, my initial reaction was to automatically vote yes. I figured that we will always need water, and if we don’t pay for it now, we’ll end up paying more for it later. But, I have since attended some debates and presentations from both sides, and I am convinced that NCSD is exaggerating and not being honest in attempting to convince us that we need the pipeline.

I am now changing my vote to no. Our future water needs would be better met by a desalination plant that would provide us with plenty of water. More importantly, we would not be dependent on NCSD or the city of Santa Maria to control our supply.

Joanna Hallberg


Thanks, College GOP

What a wonderful evening at Cal Poly. I wasn’t expecting great entertainment with thought-provoking politics on the side. And when the inevitable hecklers began juvenile insults, Ann’s witty responses were hilarious as the audience applauded her so loudly that the hecklers had to be embarrassed for themselves.

Great evening. Thanks so much to the Cal Poly College Republicans for bringing us this event!

Jen Bokar

Los Osos

Coulter’s clarity

It was interesting that just before Ann Coulter appeared at Cal Poly, the “Occupy The Tribune” group published a string of letters with the obligatory rant of venom: “racist,” “sexist,” “homophobic,” “offensive,” “KKK,” “vile,” “embarrassment,” “obscenity” were some of their words. Such attempts to smear local supporters are indicative of the hatred that is the basis of the left.

In spite of this effort, 1,000 local folks filled the Chumash Auditorium and, after her opening remarks, Coulter answered many questions from the audience.

Except for a few pseudo questions about Obama’s race and a gay agenda, all the other questions relating to political, economic and social issues were very interesting. Her clear answers reflect opinions backed by equally clear research.

Rod MacLeod

Pismo Beach

Homeless parking

If every religious organization (church, mosque, synagogue) in the area allowed one or two vehicles owned by homeless people to park in its normally empty parking lot for a short period — say, up to a month at a time — and gave the occupants access to the powder room that is undoubtedly on the premises, that would alleviate the Prado Road problem and free the police for more important duties than handing out tickets.

Judith Cadigan

Los Osos

A mother’s joy

I write in defense of motherhood. I am a mother of 10 wonderful children. My husband and I raised them to adulthood. They are all married, and all but one are parents. They are good citizens and contributing to our country.

I am 83 now and proud of my accomplishment. Yes, it wasn’t easy, but we all know that it often takes some pain to gain what is worthwhile. Just ask an athlete!

My spirit is joy filled when I observe them now, as adults, relating to and supporting each other as dear friends. When they tell me how grateful they are for giving them so many brothers and sisters, there is joy only a mother can know.

I am saddened to see motherhood rejected and diminished in our culture by so many. Especially sad to see women resorting to drugs (pills), chemical injections and devices (IUD, condoms etc.) to interfere with the natural function of the body, which may eventually cause harm.

Now, we have highly reliable methods of natural family planning (not rhythm) for spacing children. Check it out on the Internet!

Valmere Fischer