Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 2/25

Santorum support

Rick Santorum is a breath of clean air and reason in the field of Republican hopefuls. His message of strong family values along with his consistent conservative record speaks volumes to people like me who place courage of convictions and honesty above pandering to a certain group and saying anything they want to hear to get their votes.

Santorum is brutally honest, and that offends some people who just sail through life on the winds of whatever is popular at the time. His strong Christian beliefs are the hallmark of our country and should be recognized and applauded.

Of course, America will never be a theocracy, and there will always be people in our free land who disagree with others in matters of faith and faith expression. That’s what makes us a great nation. Santorum realizes that but will, I believe, govern from a high moral place and bring our great nation back to its rightful place as the greatest nation in the world.

I’m putting my vote and support on Rick Santorum for president, and I hope you will seriously give thought to it, too.

Andrew Kenny


Funny ‘bird brains’

“Our aging bird brains” left me laughing out loud as I read it to my husband. We have an array of bird feeders in our backyard, which we see as our attempt to stop and smell the roses. Seeing our feathered friends as having human emotions makes it even more entertaining. A big part of aging to me is the ability to laugh at ourselves.

Ms. Smith’s charge of “ageism” was stunning; I assume Suzanne Davis had only light-hearted intentions with her excellent writing. Maybe Ms. Smith should “give it a rest” and lighten up.

Donna Cuvelier

Los Osos

No war with Iran

The drums of war seem to be beating louder recently. The propaganda perpetrated by the neocons and radical Zionists that Iran is developing a nuclear weapon is simply not supported by the intelligence organizations as is evidenced by their 2007 and 2011 National Intelligence Estimates (NIE).

Even the secretary of defense, Leon Panetta, admitted about a month ago on “Face the Nation” that Iran is not developing a nuclear weapon.

Nine years ago the United States and its allies were tricked into a disastrous war under false pretenses. The blood of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis is on our hands as well as the millions made homeless from our unprovoked attack on Iraq. How many times are we to be lied to before we question the veracity of the propaganda?

Iran is a brutal regime and I make no apologies for them, but just because they are immoral, doesn’t give us license to act immorally (start an unprovoked war). Attacking Iran would also have profound economic, diplomatic and legal implications.

War should not be taken lightly. I would urge everyone to contact their congressional representative and the president and discourage them from going to war.

John Zinke


Reusable bags

Terry Turner (Letters, Feb. 18) needs to know that the plastic sleeves in which The Tribune is delivered are not nonreusable.

I carry one whenever I walk my dog in order to pick up ... well, you know. Then they are nonreusable. Get a dog, Terry.

Marilyn Moore

Los Osos