Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 2/24

Amusing column

Regarding Rochelle Reed Smith’s letter (Feb. 23) about Suzanne Davis’ “Greetings from Old People Camp” column: As aproud member of Ms. Davis’ “old geezers” demographic, I look forward to reading her witty, thoughtful and extremely well-written columns. I liken her to Dave Barry at her best. What fun she seems to be having, living the good life here on the Central Coast. I am especially appreciative of her sense of humor and fun-filled approach to retirement.

Perhaps Ms. Smith should take note that Ms. Davis probably has no intention of slurring retirement-age people. Remember, Suzanne is a card-carrying member.

I suggest Ms. Smith skip reading further columns if they make her uncomfortable. As for me, I’ll continue to be a fan, a smile on my lips in appreciation of Suzanne’s efforts.

Robert Huttle

San Luis Obispo

Cigarettes and fires

Ah Joe, Joe, your Sunday scolding about cigarette butts was good nothing more annoying than a smoker lobbing the last embers of addiction out the window. The vast territory of human carelessness is indeed “staggering.”

But let’s not be hasty in our judgment. A few weeks ago, you were pleading for rain so that you could cozy up to the fireplace. This week, you’re chumming it up with the “common good.” Can’t have both, I’m afraid.

Complain about butts and fireplaces, or complain about neither. The chemically irrefutable knowledge being that fireplaces are worse than cigarettes — no matter how you toss ’em. Add in the fact that the campfire, illustrious cousin to the fireplace, has caused some of the most devastating wildfires in our history; that soot from wood-burning causes heart attacks, strokes, memory loss and corroded lungs in a far more dramatic way than cigarette smoke. But no one wants to know, even if they do know. Denial, after all, is simply mendacity wrapped in the fig leaf of ignorance, parading around in the “good cloth coat” of hypocrisy.

The cigarette people are huddled at the edge; the meat boys and burners have center stage.

Can you ask again, Joe? “Who do you think you are ... czar of the land, privileged to abuse the countryside?”

M. Power Giacoletti

San Simeon

Dangerous bolts

We have had our tables removed from Laguna Lake Dog Park and replaced with benches. The city apparently failed to realize that they are supposed to have platforms underneath to cover the bolts sticking up, as well as to keep most of us from having our legs dangle because the benches are too high. Please help to correct this as the bolts are dangerous.

Judith Seibert

San Luis Obispo

Insider trading

Regarding legislation banning lawmakers from insider trading: Congress can still do insider trading lawfully; then, they can email and text all their rich friends.

The only ones hurt by their use of insider trading will be those who faithfully put their money in mutual funds.

Shirlene Gregory

Pismo Beach

Delay explained

As the chairman of the board for the Paso Robles Chamber of Commerce, I would like to clarify the decision to defer our Roblan and beautification of the month awards for March 2012.

First and foremost, Gary Nemeth has been and continues to be an outstanding volunteer in a variety of community events, organizations and local fundraising venues.

As a result, Gary was selected by a recognition committee to be honored as a Roblan of the Month. At the same time, the office staff at the chamber is responsible for picking and scheduling the venue for our monthly mixer. They have tried to get the Event Center and Cutting Horse group together for the last two years.

Since we anticipate a large crowd, along with a potential for some exhibitions by the Cutting Horse Association, we felt this would be a challenge to honor the Roblan and beautification award winners during this time.

We did not want to take away from each party and therefore decided to defer the Roblan and beautification awards to a later date. The president of the Chamber of Commerce reached out to Gary Nemeth in early February to inform him of the decision.

In closing, I would like to extend an apology for the misunderstanding and any inconveniences this may have caused.

Henry Elisarraraz

Chairman of the Board, Paso Robles Chamber of Commerce