Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 2/23

Ageism in evidence

While I’m sure that Suzanne Davis means only to amuse, I am deeply offended by her Greeting from Old People Camp columns. A recent essay, “Our aging bird brains,” describing those over age 65 as addle-brained geezers, is a serious slur on an entire demographic group.

Davis and others who find it comic to describe themselves in this way are doing an enormous disservice to their peers. Mrs. Davis may be “happily retired” to her backyard in the South County where she enjoys watching her bird feeders, but others in her age group (which is also mine) may need or want to remain in the workforce, not to mention remain viable and respected members of our society.

Disparaging remarks based solely on accumulated birthdays are derogatory. For those who still don’t understand: What Suzanne Davis’s column (with accompanying headlines) is ageism, no different than the racism and sexism. Let’s give it a rest.

Rochelle Reed Smith

San Luis Obispo

Scary Santorum

The article (“Santorum uses faith to chide his rivals,” Feb. 21) scared the hell out of me. Santorum sounds like a Taliban leader when he’s blasting away at other politicians for disregarding his religion’s laws. If it’s not his way, it’s the highway. He wants his version of Sharia law imposed on our government.

I’m sure that every religion thinks that its ways are the best ways, and everybody else’s ways are wrong. We don’t need leaders who going to infuse their unwanted religious views into our laws. We need to maintain separation of church and state!

Don Bearden

Los Osos

Shared sentiment

I found it interesting, if not ironic, that on the front page of the Feb. 21 Tribune there is afeature article on Rick Santorum with this headline: “Unlike others who use it (faith) to inspire, the devout Catholic uses religion to command,” and on the next page the “Thought for today” quotes Adlai Stevenson: “There is nothing more horrifying than stupidity in action.”

That about sums up Santorum for me.

Richard Mortensen

San Luis Obispo

Enjoyed ‘Generation’

We had the great pleasure of attending the production of “My Generation” at San Luis Obispo Little Theatre on Sunday afternoon.

It blends the music, dance and important events of the 1960s into a thoroughly enjoyable production. The cast features some very talented singers, dancers and musicians, and they do wonderful renditions of the ‘60s-era hits. Suzy Newman was one of our personal favorites.

It was definitely worth the drive from Santa Maria. Please support this wonderful theater.

Sharon and Jerry Melson

Santa Maria