Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 2/20

Catholic control

Religious leadership has a pattern of being seduced into controlling the masses, as opposed to guiding spirituality. Guidance is not the same as dictating.

It is well known in Catholic communities that the Vatican stance on birth control is weak and widely ignored by Catholics who see the health benefits of mindful reproduction. The Vatican is aware of the dissent and has chosen to be condescending and autocratic on this issue.

This may sound harsh, but the Vatican leadership has been demonstrating a lack of understanding regarding human sexuality for many years. Possibly, hundreds of years. When a group of human beings chooses to insulate itself from the reproductive system that God provided, some problems are avoided and others are created.

I acknowledge that this is a significant spiritual sacrifice for participating clergy, but the church is made up of human beings who have the same tendencies to fear the unknown. Are Catholics supposed to participate in some kind of global competition to populate the Earth with more Catholics? Are people supposed to ignore the consequences of overpopulation?

One size does not fit all in the Catholic community regarding family planning and the use of birth control. Perhaps Catholic leadership would best serve humanity, by opening up real dialogue with its congregation and health care experts regarding healthy sexual practices and family planning.

Lucien Morin

Morro Bay

Cushing appreciated

I always find myself drawn to James Cushing’s music reviews and often reread them. I sometimes even save them.

I’ve meant to write many times in complimentary gratefulness for his thoughtful reviews, but after the scathing response from Jill Anderson of Shell Beach on Feb. 15, I was nudged to respond promptly and positively to Mr. Cushing’s musical and literary gifts to our community.

Jeannie Striker-Martin


A satisfied voter

I am, like many left-leaning moderates, appalled at the raucous campaigning of the GOP. President Barack Obama’s performance is related more to the aftermath of the failed policies and governorship of eight years of a Republican president.

Having a vision for a sustainable economy and a government “of the people, by the people, for the people” has made opposition frame Obama as a socialist. Those blaming Obama for our national deficit, pay attention to the facts: Here’s a nice, easy way to explain the current U.S. debt: Reagan/Bush I/Bush II are responsible for 93 percent of the entire debt of the U.S.

So much false, poorly researched information spewing rhetoric at a president who has inherited unjustified wars, a crippled economy and an obstructionist Congress.

You can’t satisfy all the people, all the time, but you can satisfy some of the people, some of the time. Obama has my vote in 2012!

David Robbins

San Luis Obispo