Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 2/18

A logical conclusion

I would like to propose an answer to the letter to the editor by Wilhelmina Rodenhuis entitled “Live in the real world” (Feb. 8).

Her belief is that it is insane to accept the idea that George W. Bush was involved in the orchestration of the 9/11 disaster that caused the deaths of 3,500 people. How many people died as a consequence of his lie about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction, which was used to justify our invasion of Iraq? He stated many times that he wanted to be a war president. The only thing that he required was a justification.

If he was unaware of the plot, why did he avoid Washington, D.C., until after the event? This is not proof of anything, except that the suspicions are not illogical. Building No. 7 was not hit by an airplane, and it came down like a well-executed demolition. It is certainly logical to believe that explosives were involved.

I rest my case.

John M. Gault

Los Osos

A very busy street

Soccer moms out jogging, pushing their souped-up baby carriages. Teenagers out on skateboards. Dog walkers galore; I even saw a cat walker on one occasion. Just today, I saw an old fellow pushing his kayak down the center line of the road in beautiful downtown Baywood.

So what’s so unusual about all of this, you say? Well, what is precisely unusual about all of this is that it takes place in the middle of the road, that is to say in the middle of Third Street in Baywood Park.

Now Third Street is a street, not a promenade, not a bike path, not a walking path, but a street on which autos weighing more than a ton travel.

Now, most locals know the folks of Los Osos have claimed this street for pedestrian use and drive Third Street about 15 mph; however, there are those who do not. Just a word of caution to the zaniest little town on Earth.

Mike Morgan

Los Osos

Tribune bags

Your brickbat against the pro-bags group is kind of the pot calling the kettle black (Bouquets and Brickbats, Feb. 10). The Tribune is my biggest source of nonreusable plastic bags. I get 365 of them a year from you with my paper delivery.

The plastic bags I get from the stores are all reused as trash bags. I will have to buy bags to throw away after the free ones are banned.

Terry Turney

Shell Beach

A way to delight us

I hope the new CEO of PG&E reads this letter in addition to David Giordanengo’s (Tribune, Feb. 3). If he does he will certainly know how to delight us — yes, shut Diablo down!

I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Giordanengo questioning the honesty and integrity of PG&E’s declarations of Diablo Canyon’s ability to withstand any significant event the surrounding faults can produce.

When the CEO of PG&E tells us the truth about the real safety of Diablo Canyon and how/if our county can be safe from possible radiation and not have to be in fear of a possible Fukushima happening in San Luis Obispo County, or even the fright of the event that happened recently at the San Onofre plant in San Diego, when we in SLO are free from such worries, that’s when Mr. CEO will delight us!

Lynne Levine

San Luis Obispo