Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 2/16

Can’t support us all

One of my students came back to visit me last week at Arroyo Grande High School for an evening Cuesta class in environmental science. She told me that it would take 5 1/2 Earths to support the current population, if everyone lived the way an American (even an environmentally conscious one) lives.

Overpopulation is a huge problem for this planet. We can’t support everyone. In light of this, the Republican stance against abortion and birth control is so absurd as to be self-destructive to the human race. Don’t call yourselves “pro-life” if you are against birth control and abortion.

My mother — a Bible scholar, the wife of a minister, and the mother of five — knew well the parable of the one who sowed seeds. Some seeds fell on rocky ground and could not grow. Only the ones where the resources exist to support their development make it. Women know when there are no resources to support a new life. In a land where 1 in 4 children lives in poverty, to force women to carry out every pregnancy is cruel.

These people, these men, are disingenuous. They do not care about the poor and they do not care about women. They also use big government for their own purposes, so they are not against that either, only when it gets in the way of their limited perspective and selfish agenda.

Adrienne Dickinson

San Luis Obispo

Reagan and Iran

In Victor Davis Hanson’s column (Feb. 9) he reached back to Jimmy Carter for mistakes made when dealing with Iran. Hanson often praises Ronald Reagan in his writings, so I wonder why he skipped over the Reagan era of U.S.-Iran relations? I think it is important we reflect on those years of how Reagan dealt with the Iranian leadership.

On the first day of the Reagan administration, the Iranians showed their approval for the election of Reagan and their hatred of Carter by releasing American hostages a minute after he took the oath of office. Conservatives claimed the Iranians did this out of respect of the new president, but Iran quickly demonstrated they had no fear of Reagan. In 1983, Iran funded and helped plan the bombing of our military barracks in Beirut that killed 241 Marines, among other later attacks against Americans.

The Reagan administration’s response to the killings and kidnappings was to sell weapons to Iran. Despite U.S. laws forbidding arms sales to Iran, Reagan secretly sent Ollie North to Iran with a Bible, a key-shaped cake and a plane full of missiles and spare military parts.

In this election year, you will hear conservatives such as Hanson and the remaining Republican presidential candidates glorify Reagan. If you believe we should deal with kidnappers and killers the same way Reagan did, vote for those who wish to perpetuate his policies.

Paul Luiz


Outdated projects

Thank you for Neil Havlik’s precise and informative Jan. 27 Viewpoint about the unneeded, unwanted and obsolete Los Robles del Mar project.

He’s right; this project, along with plans to build in Price Canyon, were devised long ago when Pismo Beach may have needed houses, a golf course and wineries. But over the past 30 years, things have changed.

Pismo now has hundreds of new houses, many of them empty, two championship golf courses within minutes of downtown (Cypress Ridge and Monarch Dunes) and dozens of wineries and visitor-serving facilities throughout the South County.

Instead of more urban sprawl, we need more protection of agricultural lands and open space. Instead of outdated bulldoze-and-build policies, we need more smartgrowth proposals.

Call, write and email the Pismo Beach City Council and remind them that it’s 2012, not 1962. It’s time to drop their misguided plans to pave over Price Canyon and Los Robles del Mar.

Gary Linquist

Morro Bay

Old-fashioned justice

It was with sadness, and then dismay, that we read the headlines in The Tribune’s local section about the suit filed against Don Norton (“Four women sue Cuesta faculty chair”).

Dismay because of the irresponsible way The Tribune published the story — front and center in huge, bold type in the local section.

Sadness because we’ve known Don for nearly 25 years and do not believe a single word of any of the allegations. He is a good man, with a good family, and is an integral part of the fabric that makes our community strong and special. The Tribune has tarnished his reputation without any proof of guilt.

Maybe we’re naive, but we still believe in the oldfashion way of dispensing justice — “innocent until proven guilty.” But in today’s gossip-chasing journalistic environment, the exact opposite appears to be true.

When Don is vindicated, we expect to see the same size of headline in the same location announcing his innocence. And a public apology wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

Duane and Ingrid Inglish

Garden Farms

Dog law needed

I’ve been watching with interest the recent articles and letters to the editor regarding dogs off-leash and aggressive dogs.

My personal experience with aggressive or offleash dogs brings me to support San Luis Obispo County’s proposed ordinance on “menacing and aggressive dogs.” I hope the Board of Supervisors will approve this new ordinance and set an example for other jurisdictions that will hopefully follow suit.

Here in Grover Beach we have recently taken a first step to address this important issue. Signs have recently been posted in all city parks to educate people on the importance of keeping their dogs on leashes at all times.

The next step should be for the Grover Beach City Council to take a leadership role and enact and enforce a “menacing and aggressive dogs” ordinance for the safety of our citizens. Let’s not wait until we have a tragic dog attack story to tell.

I urge you to contract your local government leaders and ask them to support a similar ordinance in your area to help protect us all.

Cody D. Gates

Grover Beach

Pismo pigeon problem

I again read in your paper about the pigeon problem in Pismo Beach (“Pigeons met with pier blocks,” Feb. 11).

It seems Pismo Beach’s elected officials have been looking at the pigeon problem since about 2007, when they learned the pigeons caused pollution of ocean waters.

The longer Pismo rulers take little or no action, the cost to correct this problem goes up. The Pismo Beach City Council approved spending $100,000 on this second phase to reduce pigeon population.

I wonder when the “ineptocracy” of Pismo Beach will get this problem fixed!

Myron May

Arroyo Grande