Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 2/14

Investigation alert

As former lead homicide investigator for the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, I have been following the news reports on the Santa Maria officer-involved shooting and feel that a heads-up is needed to let people know what to expect.

There are two distinct avenues of investigation: one, an officer was shot and killed by another officer, allegedly after posing a deadly threat to officers at a DUI checkpoint. Every police/sheriff’s department has deadly-force policies, which generally specify that in order to use deadly force, there must be an immediate threat to life before deadly force can be used. It is a complex investigation and should be conducted by people who have done this type of case. In this particular instance, it would seem that the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department would be the logical investigative unit.

The second investigation concerns procedures used in effecting the arrest of the deceased officer. This would focus on the whys of arresting him at the scene of his duty station, a DUI checkpoint. This investigation would focus on policy and procedures; in other words, was this decision appropriate considering elements present for officers and supervisors to consider before initiating the attempt to arrest.

Dick Rogers


Keystone pipeline

The Republicans in Congress are furious with President Barack Obama for refusing to rubber-stamp the proposed Trans-Canada Keystone XL pipeline to Texas, which, they say, will produce hundreds of thousands of jobs and reduce our dependency on foreign oil, yet here are the facts they and the corporate-controlled media have not bothered to share:

The Washington Post did an in-depth analysis and claims the project will create about 64,000 temporary construction jobs. The maintenance of the line will be entrusted to a few hundred employees working from remote locations. In addition, the transported shale is already committed, once refined in Texas, to foreign, mainly Asian, markets, not the U.S.

TransCanada’s shale oil pipeline running to Missouri and then to the east to refineries has experienced 11 spills/accidents/events along this route. Who do you think suffered the consequences and helped pay for the cleanup? These “externalities” are never mentioned by the advocates.

Who is pushing the pipeline? The Keystone pipeline is not in our interest, ever.

Istar Holliday

Arroyo Grande

Beautiful California

Hi! My name is Emma Miller. I am a seventh-grader at Covenant Christian School in Mishawaka, Ind. My class has started the book “A Walk Across America” by Peter Jenkins. You may have heard of it. Our teacher asked us to pick a state to learn all about and then to give a report. I chose California because of the beautiful mountains and nice weather. I also love the ocean and shore as well. I know a little bit about California because of the relatives I have there, but I’d really like to know more about it!

I would really love it if you would publish this letter in your town’s newspaper so that residents can send me information on what they love about the state and why they love living there. Thanks so much for your time and hope to hear from you soon.

Emma Miller

Granger, Ind.