Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 2/9

Refund requested

What happens if Paso Robles Police officer Jon Tatro’s allegation of citation quotas turns out to be true?

Anyone who drives on Vine Street in Paso Robles knows that it can be difficult to turn left onto Vine from many of the cross streets, especially if a large vehicle is parked on the end of the street to your left. You have to creep out past the stop line, and if someone’s coming, you have to quickly commit to get out of the way. There’s no going back.

Officer Tatro cited me for speeding under these circumstances, lighting me up less than 100 yards from my “violation.” If you’ve received a ticket recently, you’re aware of the steep fines imposed. This was a real financial hardship.

So if it turns out the officer was telling the truth, can I get my money back?

Eric Schultz


Mobile home seat?

Having served four years on the Mobile Home Rent Review board in the 1980s, I recall that there were approximately 3,000 mobile home residents who lived in 13 mobile home parks in the city of San Luis Obispo.

The San Luis Obispo City Council is looking for volunteers to serve on the task force for the Land Use and Circulation Element. Mobile home residents are integral to the city of San Luis Obispo and to its economy, and should have a seat on the task force.

Years ago, a rumor persisted that a mobile home park would be sold and condominiums built on the land. Mobile home residents banded together to make the point that the mobile home parks should stay intact.

Mobile home residents should have a seat on the task force because they are an important part of our city and deserve to help plan its future.

Forms to sign up to serve on this important project are available at City Hall and on line.

Naomo Wright

San Luis Obispo

More soccer, please

I wish The Tribune had more sports reporters and photographers covering high school soccer. The boys and girls in this area have been playing some fantastic games, yet each is reduced to a paragraph on the back page.

In particular, I was somewhat dismayed that the Saturday morning Feb. 4 Tribune provided so few details from the Arroyo Grande-San Luis Obispo boys soccer match the night before, a dramatic game that was fought to a standstill.

Soccer players work very hard and practice frequently to persevere in their difficult but rewarding game. I would like to hear more about high school competitions between these athletes.

Margaret Adelman

Arroyo Grande

Solomon’s service

Our chief of police has served this community for many years, rising through the ranks to her current position.

Her ability and professionalism have carried her to the top of our police force. Let us remember, the current accusations are alleged, not confirmed. Our chief is innocent until proven guilty.

Please, let us wait to decide guilt. Until all the facts are known we simply do not know who might be guilty of what.

Let the investigation process unfold as it is meant to so that all facts from all sides can be evaluated and judged by the outside, independent investigator(s). In the meantime, we have years of Chief Solomon’s service within our community to remind us of her value to us.

Lee and Carol Agon

Paso Robles