Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 2/8

Bible language

There needs to be a correction made to the letter that appeared on Sunday, Feb. 5, titled “Keep religion private.”

The New Testament was written in Greek, not ancient Hebrew, as stated by the writer. (There is plenty of ancient manuscript evidence to show this.) The Greek preposition used in all three gospel accounts of Jesus walking “on” water means just that — “on” and not “by.”

Also, the context of the event would show that the disciples in the boat who witnessed the event of Jesus walking on the water were three to four miles out from the land. Thus, context shows Jesus was on the water, and not by the water.

David Ryal

Morro Bay

Stimulus symptoms

Republicans speak out often and loudly against President Barack Obama’s stimulus plan. Atascadero and surrounding areas received a part of the stimulus plan. Highway 101 south to Santa Margarita is being restored (finally).

If you haven’t driven your car on this part of 101, you should. What you will notice is that something is missing: tar strips!

Yes, those irritating bumpity-bumps are gone! Those bumps that rattled your car into the repair shop are gone!

Other things are gone that you probably don’t notice: For-rent signs in empty business buildings are being taken down. Businesses are occupying those empty spots.

President Obama told us that the stimulus plan would not work overnight. I sense that symptoms of success are appearing.

I don’t expect any Republicans will agree with me.

Jeen Alvord


Climate denial

The Feb. 3 Tribune article “Coast cooler than most of world,” illustrates the surreal position that we find ourselves in.

The article points out that there is no question that the Earth is warming at a very rapid rate. We are also certain beyond a reasonable doubt that most of that warming is due to man-made CO2 emissions. We know that the consequences of this anthropogenic warming such as droughts, floods, damages to our food chain, increased sea levels and higher acid level in our oceans are overwhelmingly negative for human beings.

Yet in this year of congressional and presidential elections, we find no serious discussions of what steps are necessary to deal with this problem. Even more incredible, we have a political party that denies the very existence of the problem.

Great nations do not deal with their problems by denying them!

Lyle Yager

Pismo Beach

Keeping his feet

Regarding “Obama’s done plenty” by letter writer Anne Quinn (Feb. 2): Two other accomplishments of President Obama: He has remained standing despite the 100-mph-gales coming from one, the fossil fuel industry, and two, the military-industrial complex.

In four years, President Obama has grown the solar and wind industry despite the considerable efforts by very powerful, anti-human interests to literally destroy this planet and its inhabitants, all to promote greed and dishonesty.

Just look at the pathetic excuse the Republicans keep trundling out — the Solyndra affair — which says nothing about the lack of accomplishments of the renewable energy industry.

More recently, President Obama has, with the aid of Leon Panetta, finally started to cut into the bacon aka our grossly inflated military that feeds like a giant sore on the remaining sound tissue of our economy.

When you’ve got extremely powerful interests aligned against you along with the Republican Party that cares little for small business or the middle class, just remaining standing is itself quite a feat.

Tom Neuhaus

San Luis Obispo

Misleading info

Carla Haynie is partially accurate in her Feb. 6 letter. My 2005 statement said there was no court order (at that time) to mandate our purchase of supplemental water. She left out the fact that the court order came in 2008.

The Jan. 25, 2008, final judgment after trial provides “The Court approves the Stipulation, orders the Stipulating Parties only to comply with each and every term thereof, and incorporate the same herein as though set forth at length.” Note the words “Court” and “orders.”

The NCSD, Golden State Water Company, Woodlands Mutual Water Company and Rural Water Company are stipulating parties who are the cooperating water purveyors in the Nipomo Mesa Supplemental Water Project.

If she feels “hoodwinked and scammed” she should complain to the source that provided her with selectively incomplete and misleading information. Thorough and accurate information about the Supplemental Water Project can be found at http://ncsd.ca.gov.

Ed Eby

Nipomo Community Services District Director

A foundation of lies

Most Christians are familiar with Jesus’ assertion that a house built upon sand will collapse. His message? A life based on dishonesty cannot succeed. The same must be said for a nation.

Our country has, from its inception, been predicated on falsehoods, from the myths we perpetrate about the murderous Columbus to our history-book description of the Native Americans we slaughtered as the aggressor.

The lies that underlie the “official story” about 9/11 became the basis for the deception that manipulated the American people into supporting our war-crime invasions and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan.

We cannot go back and undo our grievous crimes against Native Americans and slaves. However, there’s still time for us to seek the truth about 9/11 and to proceed on the basis of reality.

The 1,500 professionals who make up Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth ( ae911truth.org  ) must be heeded. A fair, unbiased investigation is needed into what really happened that fateful day. Our continued selfdeception plants the seeds of our own destruction.

Will Powers

San Luis Obispo

Live in the real world

Back in 2004, a friend in Florida got heavily involved with the “truthers” — those who think Bush orchestrated 9/11.

I listened to the stuff for a while and thought there might be something to it. They make a very persuasive argument. Finally, I realized that the entire conspiracy was too farfetched to believe. First and foremost, I would have to believe that George W. Bush willingly brought about the deaths of 3,500 fellow Americans. Second, I would have to believe that literally hundreds of fellow Americans joined him in this endeavor. Finally, the entire weight of the insanity of this belief came crashing down around me, and I had to accept the fact that however clever this notion may be, it was completely illogical.

We have a modern equivalent to the “truther” movement — we call them “birthers” — those who believe Obama is not an American citizen. In both cases (birthers and truthers), facts don’t matter. Every fact that comes to light to disprove the theory is appointed a reasonable sounding counterpoint, and the theory continues. I prefer to live in the real world, taking things at face value. I prefer to believe that both Bush and Obama are good people who have tried to do their best to lead our nation.

Wilhelmina Rodenhuis

Arroyo Grande