Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 2/4

Havlik was right on

The Viewpoint written by Neil Havlik (Tribune, Jan. 27) was cogent and extremely interesting. His background in natural resources management supports his view that the planned Los Robles del Mar development is completely out-ofdate and should not be allowed to continue in its present form.

I hope that the Pismo Beach Planning Commission will heed his warning regarding this inappropriate development. It needs to be denied and given a dignified burial.

Anne M. Brown

Avila Beach

In praise of Prado

One cannot say too much about Prado Day Center and the wonderful work done for our homeless and hungry.

I would like to thank the individual citizens, the churches and synagogues, the schools and businesses that provide volunteer hours and money to feed our county’s struggling population.

The Christmas Day dinner project is a joint effort by all the Jewish organizations in SLO County: Congregation Beth David, Temple Ner Shalom, Ohr Tzafon and the Jewish Community Center. I recommend you consider volunteering for this worthy organization. You’ll get more than you give.

Susan Shalit

San Luis Obispo

Talk about diapers

The other night I was in a conversation with a learned friend of mine. We broached many deep subjects and finally landed on the ban on plastic bags. We agreed we would miss the tote-ability and trash dispose-ability but agreed on how landfills were being inundated with them. However, if you ever stand on the edge of a landfill, and who of us hasn’t, the white sea before you isn’t bags, it’s disposable diapers. Whoever invented these plastic goodies has done a great disservice to planet Earth and is clogging every inch of landfill.

I’m old enough to remember rinsing used cloth diapers. Actually, I’m old enough to remember almost everything, putting them in a covered container ’til it was full, washing them in the machine and hanging them out to dry.

Does anyone else remember “hanging out to dry”? And what did you get?

Clean, fresh-smelling, soft-to-the-bottom diapers. So, to the young mothers out there ... do your babies — and the big blue marble — a favor and switch to cloth.

Patti Launders


Warning to vandals

If you are the hooligans or know who they are who are damaging the equipment and course at Laguna Lake Golf Course, be put on notice, you will be caught.

When the doors lock behind you in jail, you may not think it was worth it after all. There are so many good things to be done in this world, I wonder why anyone would choose evil.

Ruth Starr

San Luis Obispo