Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 1/31

Antiquated system

The 19th century PG&E power delivery system is still here in the 21st century. The overhead wires still fall in storms, hurt and kill people, cause fires and leave people in the dark. My new SmartMeter has not been smart enough to help in these situations.

Former Mayor Ken Schwartz is right to bring this old bone back to light in his letter (Jan. 22). The pole planted in 1938 in front of my house still blossoms with wires radiating in different directions. Without a doubt, it has served its purpose and done a fine job, but it’s past time for it to go away. In the late 1990s, I was remodeling my home and asked PG&E to remove the pole and put the wires underground. I was told at that time there was a citywide mitigation plan that would have to be followed and my neighborhood would have to wait its turn. Well, here we are 15 years later, and we are still waiting our turn just like most of the rest of the city.

Perhaps some of us would feel naked if our poles and wires went away. Maybe the city could designate them as historical monuments, and tourists could visit them and see how our city used to be and still is.

Am I wrong to believe that PG&E has already collected the fees to do this job?

Herb Alloway

San Luis Obispo

Broader interests

On Jan. 17, the San Luis Obispo City Council deliberated on the formation of a Citizen’s Advisory Task Force for the Land Use and Circulation Elements Update Process. The League of Women Voters, the Property Owner’s Association and Save Our Downtown were among the groups wishing to be represented on this task force, and each representative spoke eloquently in favor of making this 21 2/- year commitment.

We were disappointed to be informed by both the council and several members of the audience that our groups represented “special interests” and were therefore not truly representative of the community. Eric Meyer and Mike Boswell wanted representation from residents who represented “interest areas” but were not necessarily affiliated with any “group.”

What this means, I’m not sure. But let me be clear, as amisconception seems to persist regarding some charities and nonprofits: Organizations such as ECOSLO, the League of Women Voters and Save Our Downtown are not “moneyed” interests, and their values are not shaped by self-interest. I hope that the “all comers” invitation that has now been put in place will assure that the aforementioned nonprofits representing broader community interests will be represented on this task force!

Allan Cooper

San Luis Obispo

Money earned, lost

As I see it, Mitt Romney earned, invested and paid taxes on the profits of his own money. President Barack Obama invested and lost more than $500 million of our tax dollars in Solyndra, yet walked off with a big contribution to his re-election campaign from a Solyndra investor. We need a change in Washington.

Sue Perry

Morro Bay