Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 1/27

Dealing with IMS

When the medical profession is baffled by a problem it classifies it as a “syndrome.” Once one’s problem is labeled as a syndrome, one is relieved of all responsibility; ergo, “Irritable Male Syndrome.”

According to an article by Linda Lewis Griffith in The Tribune of Jan. 20, men suffering from IMS were given several tips on how to cope with their affliction. For the woman whose husband is struggling with IMS there is a list of things she can do to help him. Here is a tip from a “grumpy old woman” (no syndrome): Take the old geezer to the door and give him a good shove. After a few days on his own he will probably decide to come home and behave himself. Syndrome indeed!

Emmajean Miller

Los Osos

Truth in advertising

I am writing to ask all who value truth in political ads to immediately urge Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian to vote yes on Assembly Bill 1148. This is a nonpartisan act that would require the three largest financial backers of any political ad to say who they are, whether a corporation, billionaire, union or whoever.

It would prevent nicesounding names such as “Mothers for Low Taxes and Puppies,” when it’s really sponsored by Big Texas Oil Corp. AB1148 is a great first step in returning democracy to the voters and is supported by big majorities of both Democrats and Republicans. If it passes, we will know who is really paying for those ads!

Ken Meersand

Shell Beach

Come, but contribute

Re: Steven Singer’s response on Jan. 23: No one is saying immigrants are not welcome. Sign the guestbook, have some financial security before you arrive and learn the language and customs of the country. Those are the basics of the rules in place now. The fact that this state is throwing millions at illegal immigrants with the “Dream Act,” ESL classes and other welfare programs when the schools and social services for citizens and veterans are left wanting should have had Gov. Jerry Brown thrown out of office at the mention of such a scheme.

Two points: The immigrants are necessary because they have the work ethic most of the citizens of this country lost. Check the story series in The Tribune last summer regarding the field workers. Downside is many work for cash so little or no taxes are paid.

Next is the amount they send home. Again I cite a Tribune article touting a benchmark in the economic turnaround as the increase in money orders sent to Mexico. That is a great help to the state of California. I believe the number was in the billions. So yes, potential immigrants, welcome. Just contribute to your new home.

John Gajdos

Morro Bay

Torture secrecy

Mr. John Kiriakou has been accused of releasing government secrets to the press concerning the waterboarding torture of a prisoner 83 times (“Ex-CIA man accused of leaking classified info,” Jan 23). I wonder which is the greater crime. And if this treatment of aprisoner is considered just and right, why then is it a secret?

Our nation makes no secret of our executions. The answer, I suspect, is that torture is even more abhorrent than killing. And the only consolation we have is the knowledge that this secrecy is driven by the shame of men who know better: our leaders.

Frederick Thom

San Luis Obispo