Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 1/17

Obama in action

In David Brooks’ latest column (Jan. 12), he makes the argument that people are losing faith in government because government tends to favor special interests (what Brooks calls “rent-seekers”) over the general good and that Obama should reform government in order to reverse this. So far, so good.

But then Brooks takes Obama to task for recess appointments. Here’s a case where Republicans in Congress have been carrying water for their primary special interest, Wall Street, by blocking the appointment of anyone to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Obama has not had a clearer opportunity to stand up for the general welfare. He took action; Brooks faults him for it.

Brooks recommends Obama “choose a rent-seeker to hold up for ridicule” and run on a promise to reform government. My suggestion is that rather than talk, Obama act now for the general good and campaign later on what he’s done. My criticism of Obama is that for too long he tried to reach accord with Republicans, while they avoided agreement on anything, even walking away from their long-held positions where necessary. The result was government did nothing. I’m glad Obama’s now acting where he can.

John Blattner

San Luis Obispo

Our awful choices

It would appear that Mitt Romney is going to be the Republican presidential nominee, so our choices, then, for November will be more tax and spend with President Obama and no keeping of the promises of change. Or we can elect Romney.

If that happens, we will surely have the following issues:

Probably another war, Iran, Syria or who knows — surely we can find someone to battle with.

And an extension of tax breaks and more loopholes for the greedy corporations for which the tax breaks were supposed to create jobs.

I suppose we just have to trust these greedy people to do what is right for our country — given the tax breaks they are getting — and bring the jobs back home. If you believe this is going to happen anytime soon, I have a bridge I’d like to sell you. They created no American jobs with the tax breaks they have already gotten.

What would make one think that any of this is going to change? Romney has already proved with his past business dealings that not much is going to change.

Why not put a flat tax on the corporations that outsource?

What an awful choice we have — and then there’s Congress. Oh, well!

George Pistoresi

Paso Robles

Abortion is a sin

Recently, a letter writer submitted the opinion that “abortion is not a sin.” I couldn’t disagree more. Any understanding of the value of the gift of life makes it impossible to believe such a misguided statement. All life has worth, regardless of the perceived inconvenience it may bring. Abortion is not an acceptable form of birth control.

Rick Butler