Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 1/13

No vote for them

More than ever, I have the realization that no matter how hard the media try to belittle the passions of their Republican or conservative opponents, the more I will vote for anyone the Republicans nominate before giving the obvious Democrat candidate another term as president.

The current administration cannot control its out-of-control spending, and their obsessive idea to increase taxes to cover their inability to budget lacks validity.

And I don’t care who the Democrat is, whether it is President Barack Obama, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Congresswoman Lois Capps or even Supervisor Adam Hill: Their singlemindedness in controlling the discussion and then wanting more taxpayer money for failed policies will not get my vote.

Steven V. Schumann

Grover Beach


NOW supports the Arroyo Grande police officers protesting alleged sexual harassment by their superior officers. The Tribune reports that both female officers used similar language in their complaints: “severe, relentless and unending.”

Of course it is! How would you like it if every day you had to go to work, in a career that took great courage, required self-control in dangerous volatile situations, involved long hours with high stress, hoping you could contribute to your community, and every day you were subjected to even half of what the paper reports these women endured?

These brave women took jobs fraught with male testosterone-laden “camaraderie” and endured endless taunts and humiliations for continuing to do their job. They finally said “enough” and are demanding that their superiors obey the law.

The law prohibits this kind of behavior and sets out remedies — remedies, by the way, that do not include letting the perpetrator continue in his post or be promoted, while the woman is transferred away or held back from advancement, and that do not allow superior officers who have been told of the circumstances to ignore their own responsibilities to investigate and take appropriate action.

Lynne Levine

San Luis Obispo

Right-wing fiction

On the Opinion page of Jan. 10, I noticed a couple of letters to the editor that promote certain popular right-wing myths about corporate fairness: one exaggerating the taxes paid by the rich (“Missed the point”), and the other claiming that he and other Wall Street CEOs are the job creators (“Corporate immorality”).

Since he posted his bio on the internet, I found that the letter writer was involved in mergers, which usually means jobs lost. Also, I thought it was small businesses, and not big corporations, that provide the bulk of the jobs in America.

Meanwhile, as for the taxes paid by the Kardashians, I must remind the first writer that I am pretty sure that their accountant wouldn’t be stupid enough to let them pay taxes on their millions before deducting the wages paid to “several dozen people,” as well as the other mentioned qualified tax deductions.

During this election year, we are going to hear a lot of unfounded claims, especially from the right, that do not stand the test of critical thinking. I hope this newspaper and its readers will be up to the challenge of weeding out fact from fiction.

Jim Carlisle


A great disservice

John Gajdos’s letter (Jan. 11) was right on point. There always has been a path to U.S. citizenship. Certain people and politicians are just trying to shortcut it. Yes, the path is long and hard, but becoming a citizen of this great country should not be easy and should be worth working for.

Shortcutting the path or ignoring current rules does a great disservice to the thousands waiting in their home countries who are following the rules.

Robert Lewis

Los Osos

Keep communities

I am so disgusted with Pismo Beach council members. They are “supposedly” watching out for the good of the city. Ha!

Among all the ideas they come up with, what has been going through the minds of current and past council members with regard to the old City Hall? This is an awesome building that should have not been left to deteriorate.

Now it could be razed with some of the original brick facade and mosaics preserved to possibly be incorporated in any future building there. Do we need more empty buildings built? If we must, first fill the empty spaces available all over the cities before destroying beautiful buildings to build empty, cob-webbed filled spaces.

Since the San Simeon earthquake, how many private business owners have had to bring buildings up to code? Yes, it cost them a lot but it was/is being done.

It is an outright shame what city councils (not just Pismo’s) do, supposedly for the betterment of their communities. I honestly believe that people become members of councils to help, but get sidelined.

For once, just say whoa and try to keep our communities as communities, and not have them become metropolises the size of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Bakersfield, etc.

C.J. Cochran

Arroyo Grande