Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 1/5

Article does harm

When I read the articles on public records request in the Jan. 2 Tribune, I wondered why? Both why I was reading it as well as why it was written. So I waited to write this.

That there were unhealthy attitudes toward sex by some of the members involved, I have no doubt. I could mention one or two. But the tenor of this article seemed to me to be one wherein there was more interest in writing something provocative than in writing something informative.

There is no doubt that County Counsel had to plow through thousands of emails. Most county business is conducted by emails these days. There was no accounting of how many of these emails were strictly business or how many were actually “lurid.” And I doubt if County Counsel kept track of that either. And how many of these emails were written by Edge, and how many were written by Wilcox/Dukes/et al. among themselves, exclusive of Edge would be of interest. That Edge wrote some of them there is no doubt. I am not trying to exonerate him for something he actually did.

I guess it is because I have kept in contact with both Edge and Wilcox that I know they are both trying to put this whole thing behind them and get on with their lives in a positive manner. Even felons cannot be tried twice for a crime. To continually try these people in the court of public opinion only does The Tribune harm.

Shirley Bianchi

CambriaEditor’s note: Shirley Bianchi is a former county supervisor.

Tsunami economics

Nicholas Cook, in his letter of Dec. 30, uses Bob Cuddy’s comments to steer the conversation to his pet peeve: Those horrible politicians (Democrats, of course) who have tried to improve human suffering.

No, Mr. Nicholas Cook, we 99 percent indeed applaud those who have enriched our lives (and themselves, deservedly) through their discoveries, inventions and enterprise. However, we deplore those who, through their avarice, disregard for their fellow human beings, and with the help of a political mindset that protects their corrupt and criminal undertaking, have managed to throw the world into financial chaos.

No, Mr. Nicholas Cook, only simplistic minds can believe that the culprits are Lyndon Johnson and his “Great Society” or President Obama’s “Fair Share.”

Informed and thinking individuals know that the problems are more complex and are an aggregate of unnecessary and costly wars coupled with a mentality that “we don’t need government regulations; that corporations will take care of us.” Mr. Nicholas Cook, do you remember Ronald Reagan’s “trickledown economics”?

Or was that tsunami economics?

Joseph Codispoti

Paso Robles

SARP grant

The Sexual Assault Recovery & Prevention (SARP) Center recently received a $1,500 grant from the Central Coast Funds for Children (CCFC) to provide rape prevention education in SLO County. CCFC is a nonprofit established in 1993 to benefit children in need of special services in the county.

The SARP Center is grateful for their generosity, as the grant supports the implementation of MyStrength and Her Power groups for teens.

MyStrength groups provide a supportive environment for young men to connect with each other and explore positive examples of masculinity and male strength, discussing how traditional masculinity can contribute to violence, gender inequality and unhealthy relationships. This program encourages students to rise as leaders to promote gender equality and prevent men’s violence among their friends and community.

The Her Power club empowers young women in middle and high school to be healthy, happy and confident, discussing important issues including peer pressure, communication, healthy relationships, bullying, safety, conflict resolution and body image. Hands-on meetings teach young women active skills for reducing stress, expressing feelings and being assertive. For more information on MyStrength and Her Power groups or other SARP Center services, please visit http://www.sarpcenter.org or call 545-8888.

Kristy McCray

Executive director, Sexual Assault Recovery & Prevention Center of SLO County

Just the facts

I would like to start the new year by throwing a personal bouquet to Mr. Max Riedlsperger, who often adroitly skewers writers who offer up their opinions as facts. These factoids commonly use the phrase “I heard” or “I read someplace” as proof of their allegations. Recently, (Letters, Dec. 31) Max poked a hole in Paula Nixon’s “most new jobs are government jobs etc.” Her proof was the phrase “ I heard.”

Max countered with the fact that government jobs are on adecline while private sector jobs have risen. He backs up his statements with hard facts and numbers. All of his rebuttals are nonpartisan, nonpolitical; as Sgt. Friday once said, “Just the facts.” Keep up the good work Max, I’m amazed at your wealth of facts.

David Sumi

San Luis Obispo


I have been watching and attending meetings of the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors and feel disheartened. People are not welcome to express themselves there without being challenged or intimidated.

I gave my public input the day that the “Climate Change Plan” now known as the “Energy Wise Plan” was discussed and passed 3-to-2. Many of us were referred to as “fear mongers” and discounted. I agreed with the two supervisors who voted “no” that this highly controversial plan that reduces private property rights needed more awareness, conversation and input from the community.

Home and landowners, you are at great risk and don’t even know it. This “pretty-glossy” plan will forever change our lives in a negative way. Has county government become just like Sacramento and Washington, satisfying its own interest rather than representing the people of this beautiful county?

Laura Mordaunt

San Luis Obispo