Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 12/30

Tired and hackneyed

As a reader of The Tribune news stories and headlines, I am proposing that, as a New Year’s resolution, you abstain from using the following:

1. Kick the can down the road

2. Fragile economy

3. Tough decisions

4. Crash and burn

5. Job killer

7. Alleged

8. Obamacare

9. Youthful

10. Demographic

Marvin Sosna

Morro Bay

Where were options?

The Paso Robles City Council and manager is following the management style of Pelosi as witnessed in the recent sewer rate and water treatment jokes. The due date passed by the state was Nov. 1 or face a $10,000 fine each day if not fixed. The city hired a consultant; City Manager Jim App provided numbers, recommendations and suggestions for years to obtain options for the council. During those years the council asked no questions, received no briefings, and at the last minute prior to deadline had but one option that App said was the staff option.

Two councilmen (one up for re-election) wanted to pass the single option with the statement they can change it later if needed. At the last meeting in October, App said there was not enough time left to have additional options, cost too much money and other excuses.

The council had years to review the consultant results and ask questions but left it to App. Who is running our city?

The citizens’ New Year’s resolution should be to replace the Paso Robles City Council and in turn replace the city manager.

Gary Nemeth

Paso Robles

No thumbscrews

Judging from Bob Cuddy’s Christmas column about the Occupy movement, he and the occupiers seem to think that they (the so-called 99 percent) have been “under the thumb” and robbed by the 1 percent who are very rich. Actually, most rich people got that way by inventing things that we all enjoy, starting businesses that give good jobs to multitudes, and creating the art, science, sports, literature and other things that enrich all of our lives. Think of Steve Jobs, Bob Dylan, Michael Jordan, Henry Ford, J.K. Rowling; I could go on and on.

Mr. Cuddy, these people are not holding you “under their thumb.” Someone like them probably founded the newspaper that pays your salary. If you want someone to blame for your dissatisfactions, you need look no further than our politicians. From Lyndon “Great Society” Johnson to Barack “Fair Share” Obama, the social democrat, Robin Hood politicians of the Western democracies have been running a con game on all of us.

Call it “socialism on the cuff”: redistribute borrowed money to buy votes, and stick all 100 percent (and our children and grandchildren) with the bill: $15 trillion and counting.

Nicholas Cook


It was Puccini!

Although I’m usually not one to critique a newspaper letter, I am an ardent opera fan and must simply correct the author of the review of a choral performance at the Performing Arts Center of a tenor who sang “Nessun Dorma” by Verdi! This is incorrect! It was written by Puccini!

Gina Fontanella

Paso Robles

At the same meeting?

Funny how people can go to the same meeting and hear different things. Like Tom Cantwell (“Unnecessary fight,” Nov. 26), I attended the recent open house at Sweet Springs. Seems to me Audubon was pretty clear that the reason they want to take out the eucalyptus trees is that so many of the plants and animals unique to California can’t live with them.

All of the trees are not located along the edges, and even those that are send their leaves, bark and pods flying into the interior with the wind. Trees that are 80 feet tall cast a pretty long shadow, too. So what’s an endangered Morro shoulderband snail or a threatened silvery legless lizard supposed to do? Or what about the endangered sea blite that lives right on the edge of the salt marsh?

It’s not like these plants and animals can pick up and move. The property was purchased to restore as a nature preserve because it is home to so many rare species. Let’s fulfill that promise. Michele Avant

Los Osos

Great Veterans Day

What a day at the Pismo Beach Veterans Hall! The flags waved as the Civil Air Patrol and Scouts marched! Patriotic songs were sung! The people prayed at 11:11 a.m. Old Glory was saluted! The bugles sounded! The rifles fired!

Nipomo VFW Cmdr. Pat Sturm (U.S. Navy Lt. Cmdr., retired) introduced several Central Coast dignitaries. He invited all overseas veterans to join him at the Community Room each second Wednesday at 7p.m.

State Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian thanked the military and veterans for making America the “Land of the free because of the brave” as he immigrated to and was educated here in America.

Santa Barbara Deputy Sheriff Robert Plastino related some past U.S. Army experiences in the hot sun and powdery sand of Iraq. Yes, freedom isn’t free.

Cal Poly student Sarah McDowell, a 2010 VFW “Voice of Democracy” audio/essay winner, shared some thoughts about helping children succeed.

Yes, it was a great Veterans Day for this proud Korean War U.S. Air Force veteran. Thanks to everyone involved.

Les Vrieze


Irony of regalia

Am I the only one who noticed the irony of the pope’s photo (Sunday, Dec. 25; Page A3) in his bejeweled regalia lamenting the “superficial glitter” of Christmas?

Cindy Wilson