Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 12/28

Slow genocide

Regarding the desecration of Eagle Rock in Morro Bay, as Fred Collins of the Northern Chumash said, to paraphrase, it would be a continuation of a slow genocide of the indigenous people of the Central Coast. That is true.

I agree with Kathy Duncan and Kent Nagano when they propose that the developer, Mr. Dan Reddell, should make a “noble decision” and reconsider developing that beautiful landmark that helps define Morro Bay.

I was lucky; my parents and family, let me experience ceremonies at the Zuni, Hopi and Navajo pueblos many times as a very young boy which affected me greatly. I saw how after oppression of the native peoples, they knew how to continue their natural spiritual life by living simply in harmony with nature, as always.

I defend the appeal by the Northern Chumash in asking the Morro Bay planning department to see if they can work with Mr. Reddell to find some sort of land swap or exchange with concerned citizens to remedy this terrible situation.

I used to live in Morro Bay, and that was one of my favorite places to go and find some real peace and natural beauty that gave me such a sense of connectedness.

Scott Jenkins

San Luis Obispo

Almost criminal

It seems that money always trumps health and safety these days. One major element of the Dunes debate: The off-roaders create jobs for people who will defend their employment tooth and nail and against all comers because their livelihoods depend on it.

Never mind that the greater good is not served. Somebody has to police the stretch while the hordes are there, pick up after them, tow them when they break down, arrest them when they get unruly (which is often), and administer to them when they are injured. All of that takes people, and chambers of commerce, and lobbying groups, and lawyers, and lots of money.

Off-roading in the Dunes here is nothing short of an industry, those who live here and are shut out from this beautiful natural resource be damned.

These local beaches and dunes are the only such areas on the entire California coastline where vehicular traffic is allowed — all other municipalities did away with this dangerous, polluting nonsense decades ago, and for good reason.

It is more than too bad that so many of our elected officials have their heads buried in that very beach sand on this issue; to the residents who are left out of enjoying this gorgeous oceanside location because of the current vehicular practice, it’s almost criminal.

John Winthrop


Small government

Libertarians, right-wingers and others who despise big government, taxes, Medicare, regulations, public schools, federal departments and other intrusive and controlling aspects of government, listen up! I have found the perfect solution for you: Move to Somalia. Please. I’m serious. Go.

It is your paradise and has none of the pesky details noted above. Good luck. Let me know how it works out for you. You may have a problem mailing the letter, but hey, who needs that intrusive aspect of government?

Gary Wilber

Morro Bay

A cushy deal

So our police chief is retiring at age 50 with a big, fat pension. How many of us in the private sector could do so at that age and end up with such a cushy deal?

Sil Cadenasso

San Luis Obispo

Mystery man

In an interview on the Sean Hannity program, Newt Gingrich said that the first thing he would do after being inaugurated would be to defund all of President Obama’s policy “czars,” and Judicial Watch says that there are 45 of them. Where does the Constitution give the president the authority to appoint 45 czars without any confirmation by the Senate? This has to be unconstitutional.

The talking heads in the media tell us how smart Obama is, but where is the proof? We have no idea what classes Barack Obama took while a student at Occidental or Columbia, nor do we have any idea what grades he earned, since all of his college transcripts and work has been sealed. Isn’t it weird that we know about the entire college record of George W. Bush and Bill Clinton and nothing about the mystery man in the White House?

Ralph Bush

Arroyo Grande

Decades of service

I’m writing in recognition of the retirement of a dedicated San Luis Obispo public safety employee after a distinguished career of more than three decades. After serving in the Air Force he began serving and protecting San Luis Obispo in 1979. Years ago he told me he chose this profession to help people and knew he would never get rich in this line of work.

He has worked at the tragic sites of suicides and murders. He worked at the Poly Royal riots where he had bricks thrown at him. He has helped people who were in accidents, children who lost their bikes, and people who lost loved ones. He also saved people’s lives, including his 22-year-old daughter when she suffered sudden cardiac arrest at home. He used his skill and calm to resuscitate her. He has been a wonderful father and husband no matter what he faced on duty.

He is proud of his career but saddened over the disputes between the police and fire rank and file and the city government. My husband John Caudill has served the community well as police field service technician for 32 years. We are very proud of him.

Lori Caudill

Los Osos