Letters to the Editor

Viewpoint: An extraordinary year

As 2011 comes to a close, I appreciate the opportunity to extend my gratitude to those who have made my first year as the mayor of Pismo Beach extraordinary.

To: The mayors of the other six cities in San Luis Obispo County who have made my transition to this position much easier by being welcoming, supportive, and always available for questions.

To: My fellow council members for continuing to work diligently on behalf of the city and who remain dedicated to achieving our agreed upon goals and also for their professionalism and pride in Pismo Beach.

To: The city employees in Pismo Beach who have consolidated key positions, retired vehicles in the city fleet and continue to demonstrate their enthusiasm and dedication. One bargaining unit — mid-managers, managers and department heads — agreed to multiple concessions that will help ensure the fiscal integrity of the city. The Pismo Beach Police Department and Cal Fire provide not only exemplary public safety services, but both departments have associations that consistently contribute to the community in multiple ways.

To: The Pismo Beach Chamber of Commerce who have faced their own challenges, but developed and grew, and continued to sponsor outstanding events and provide first-class visitor services.

To: The business community for outstanding efforts in marketing the city and accommodating our residents and visitors.

To: The residents of Pismo Beach who continue to be the key element in making Pismo Beach an excellent place to live. We had more than 300 people attend our volunteer banquet, demonstrating the tremendous involvement in our city. Pismo Beach is fortunate enough to have many residents serve on the multiple advisory bodies critical to the city. It was exciting to see the efforts of “Light Up Pismo Beach” and we are grateful for the hard work and contributions of the Shell Beach Improvement Group. Friends of Price House have made great strides in improving the Price Historic Park; we have individuals taking on beach cleanup efforts throughout the city; and have a special community library.

This is a small sample of the grassroots organizations and outstanding efforts done daily that make Pismo Beach an exceptional place to live.

2012 will not be without its challenges, but I am optimistic with a committed City Council, a dedicated staff and continued involvement from our citizens, Pismo Beach will continue to flourish and achieve its goals.