Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 12/24

Equality is fair

Pamela Greene’s complaint about Christmas disappearing (“Merry Christmas,” Dec. 21) is the sound that the majority makes when others are granted their rights. I am a citizen of this country just like Ms. Greene, so our government should not officially promote some religious beliefs over others or over no belief at all. Equality for religious and secular holiday displays, not giving special favor to any particular belief, is fair.

Ms. Greene is only talking about government and corporate celebrations of Christmas. No one is taking away her right to celebrate Christmas as a private citizen. When the government or some company breaks into her house and removes her Christmas tree so that she can’t celebrate Christmas, I will defend her rights.

Ms. Greene is free to not patronize stores that say “Happy Holidays.” Freedom of choice and belief protects everyone, and “Happy Holidays” respects everyone, including Ms. Greene.

Ms. Greene’s idea that life is meaningless without her god is absurd. The majority of people on Earth don’t believe in her god, yet live meaningful lives. On Christmas Day, I plan to help feed the homeless. Doing something meaningful, like helping others, needs no god.

Paul Rinzler

Arroyo Grande

Community partners

With the holidays upon us, we, at Big Brothers Big Sisters, are incredibly grateful for our community partners who helped us throw a holiday extravaganza for 300 children, volunteers and family members this month.

For the first time, the teachers, students and parents from Teach Elementary School volunteered their beautiful campus and hosted us with fun games, crafts and volunteers. Cal Poly’s Delta Sigma Pi and Alpha Epsilon, as well as SLO High’s National Honor Society also provided volunteers.

The Chicano Correctional workers donated a lovely meal, and SLO Roast Coffee provided warm beverages. Performance Athletics, SLO County’s Parks and Recreation Department and Madonna Inn provided fun, educational activities. Cal Poly Student Community Services and Trilogy Central Coast donated more than 100 gifts; one for every child. Several of our mentors and community members, including Jenny Anthony, Matt Pearl, Gordon Mullin, Jim McEntire aka Santa and Marissa Cortez contributed supplies and talent to ensure a festive event.

We are honored that these community partners, as well as funding from the Exchange Club of SLO, made this event possible.

Thanks to them, the children of Big Brothers Big Sisters will have fond memories of this holiday season.

Sarah Rudd-Lawlor

Program director, Big Brothers Big Sisters of San Luis Obispo County