Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 12/21

Comments clarified

I need to correct The Tribune’s characterization of my comments at the Nov. 22 meeting of the Board of Supervisors on the county’s Energy-Wise climate action plan (“Climate change a hot topic in county,” Nov. 24).

I did say that when it comes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and transitioning to renewable energy, “the time is over for half measures and plucking low-hanging fruit,” but I did so in the context of commending measures in the climate action plan that are neither of those things: the evaluation of a competitive Community Choice Aggregation energy program and a feed-in tariff to pay anyone generating renewable energy when they feed surplus power into the grid.

I didn’t say “the plan’s emphasis on easy solutions is inadequate”; I was one of those speakers who “repeatedly cited feedin tariffs and community choice aggregation as methods for boosting alternative energy use,” for all the good reasons your reporter cited. Either would provide tremendous benefits, and both are in the approved climate action plan. The Sierra Club worked hard to ensure their inclusion and is very pleased to see them there. All the county has to do now is implement them.

Andrew Christie

Director, Santa Lucia Chapter of the Sierra Club

A noble decision

After reading Kent Nagano’s Viewpoint (Dec. 18) against the proposed development of Eagle Rock in Morro Bay, I could not sit idly by without voicing my opinion. Is this project really worth the cost? The day that ground is broken on this project and the bulldozers and chainsaws destroy another piece of habitat and history, I wonder whether Mr. Dan Reddell, the developer, is incapable of feeling remorse in his heart?

Mr. Reddell has a choice here. He can go down in history as the developer who destroyed Eagle Rock, or he can turn his efforts to preserving it. Wouldn’t that be something if the present City Council and Mr. Reddell became instrumental in preserving this site for future generations rather than destroying it?

I urge Mr. Reddell to search his conscience and make a noble decision.

Kathy Duncan

Morro Bay

Living with loss

I was impressed with the Viewpoint piece expressed by Claire Aagaard in the Dec. 16 paper (“Living with loss during the holidays”). This is a timely and strategic column that supports and directs some of us at this time. The suggestions and guidelines are some I may incorporate into my life. Thank you to the author.

Anne Miranda

Morro Bay

Inequal justice

Marion Jones, a female sprinter, got six months in prison for lying about steroid use. Barry Bonds, a male baseball player, got only 30 days of home detention. Both were accused of lying while under oath. Are male baseball players more important to society than lady runners? Seems to be a lack of “equal justice for all,” here.

Jim Stainbrook

Paso Robles

Ira’s impact

I was saddened to read that the world lost Ira Hughes. I am sure he touched other lives as well as my family’s.

Robert Baden-Powell once said “Success in training the boy depends largely on the Scoutmaster’s own personal example.” Ira exposed my son and me to people and experiences that encouraged and nurtured positive moral values.

There’s no question that character counts, and Ira helped teach many young men that character counts today; it counted a century ago and it will count a century from now. He taught basic beliefs of honor and integrity. Is the world not a better place with citizens who are trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent?

Ira left this world a little better than he found it. Ira did not waste his time, he did his best. Godspeed.

Tobie Charles

Arroyo Grande

On Christmastime

The real Santa

You want to know the real Santa? You won’t find him in the stores or on TV. He has never made a movie or written a book. He does not live at the North Pole, nothing could for long. He doesn’t drive a Mercedes or work at a Chevy dealership in a commercial. He doesn’t drink Coke nor does he care if you bought your kid a 4G phone.

Santas are the real men and women who are setting a national trend by walking into stores and paying off the layaway bills of complete strangers. Santas are collecting and distributing food and clothing this week to those who have nothing. They are the shelter workers who find a warm place for those who have lost their homes or would be sleeping in their cars this Christmas. They are the volunteers who man the Habitat for Humanity stores for free and ring the bells in front of the corporate box stores or work tirelessly for a myriad of charities.

Finally, the real Santa is the man or woman who decided to put aside their own needs so a child or loved one or a complete stranger could have their needs met. If you are a parent and worked hard to provide for your family ... bless you ... you are Santa. If you set aside some temporary pleasure so the least among us could smile by partaking in warm food or a clean bed, bless your Santa heart. You want Santa? Look inside. He is there just waiting to be let out. Take a chance ... you don’t even need a red suit.

Big Dave Hansen

San Miguel

Thanks for display

It’s Christmastime again and the tree is lit on San Luis Mountain and we would like to thank Clint and Connie Pearce for the wonderful display. Merry Christmas to your family from all of us in SLO.

Jeff and Cindy Wolcott

San Luis Obispo

Merry Christmas

Over several years now, government, city and private industries have robbed us of our Christian liberties and the freedom to celebrate Christmas. Removing nativity scenes from public places, referring to Christmas trees as “holiday trees,” Christmas vacation as “winter break,” and excessive use of “Happy Holidays” all erode our freedoms to celebrate Christmas as we have for generations.

These freedoms are taken away in the name of “political correctness,” to not offend others who don’t celebrate Christmas anyway. We don’t take away their right to celebrate their faith so why do they expect us to give up ours? It’s minority over majority, erasing Christian heritage that our country was founded and built upon.

Christmas is the celebration of our Lord Jesus Christ, bringing salvation for a dying world, eternal life, hope. Without which, for many, life is meaningless. Christmas is a means to celebrate that hope, a longstanding tradition.

If you aren’t celebrating Christmas, there is no holiday for you on Dec. 25. What are you celebrating? Winter? We don’t have holidays celebrating summer.

Next time someone says “Happy Holidays,” remember Jesus, the reason for the season, and without guilt, say “Merry Christmas!”

Pamela Greene

Arroyo Grande