Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 12/14

FDR misinterpreted

In response to Mr. Bevan’s Dec. 3 letter: First of all, I was writing about the “real” FDR. Secondly, I cannot let the misinterpretations in “his” FDR stand.

FDR did in fact have to “bail out” the banks, first by temporarily shutting them and then by having the federal government (through the new Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.) provide billions and muchneeded new regulation.

Yes, he did also create a Works Progress Administration for the millions of unemployed, but he had a Congress willing to work with him, and not hell-bent on paralyzing the government.

As for Mr. Bevans’ picture of a trigger-happy FDR, Roosevelt did not get around to declaring war on the Axis Powers, which had been busy terrorizing and gobbling up Europe and Asia for more than two years, until Pearl Harbor. He certainly did not waste our military resources on misguided attacks upon nations that had done nothing to us.

I do agree with Mr. Bevans that the Japanese-American roundup was one of the most disgraceful things any president has ever done (and a lot of competition there).

But let’s for now concentrate on the economic reforms with which FDR saved our free (ha!) enterprise system from itself.

Gene Strohl

San Luis Obispo

Restoring America

Those people who continue to blame Bush simply cannot admit that Obama is a miserable failure and a horrible president, together with his Marxist socialist agenda and all those politicians who support him. That’s my opinion; you of course are welcome to yours, as are others. But we who see things as they really are will have the final say come election day 2012.

The national mistake and embarrassment that is Obama will be gone from office and the new president and administration can set about restoring America and ending the Obama-caused pain and suffering that so many of us are feeling.

Larry Peacock

Paso Robles

Vital service

Am I the only one who thinks it’s insane that our “brilliant” leaders in Washington, can find money to support so many useless causes, but can’t support something as vital as the U.S. Postal Service?

John Kepler

San Luis Obispo

Fish not ‘dwindling’

The Dec. 3 article headlined “Dwindling ocean fish ” was laughable.

The portion about the grant to Cal Poly for research on Marine Protected Areas was excellent. Everyone applauds the work of Dean Wendt and Cal Poly monitoring MPAs. However, the rest of the article and the statements by John Field were not supported by any data or evidence. The article uses the phrase “dwindling ocean fish.” That is a false claim. The most authoritative report on California rockfish was authored by Dean Wendt and other staff at Cal Poly. It concludes that rockfish are just as plentiful now as any time in the last 20 to 30 years.

Cow cod are almost never found on the Central Coast. I have been fishing the Central Coast for 25 years and have never caught or even seen a cow cod. They are primarily found in Southern California. Yelloweye rockfish are also seldom found on the Central Coast. They are primarily found in Northern California. Field’s comments are misplaced and have nothing to do with Central Coast fishing. It is sad that an article about a well-deserved grant to Cal Poly is clouded by false liberal propaganda about “dwindling” fish stocks.

Melvin A. de la Motte Jr.

President, Central Coast Fisheries Conservation Coalition

Notes for prisoners

Please join us at Linnaea’s Cafe today, between 11 a.m. and8 p.m., for our annual holiday card action to write a brief note of kindness to various prisoners of conscience around the world.

These are people who have been jailed, sometimes for years, simply for advocating human rights (nonviolently) — actions or expressions that seem minor to us. We send them end-ofyear cards to help give them heart and warmth, and we hear that it makes a big difference to them to receive these notes.

This is a free action, taking little time, and you can rest between downtown tasks. Any donations go directly for postage of these cards. Materials are provided.

Sherry Lewis

San Luis Obispo

Just stealing bases

I’ve been seeing lately that several baseball players are getting huge signing bonuses during the free-agent season. I’ve also heard people complaining about the large salaries and comparing them to bank and corporate CEOs and the bonuses they get. All I can say is, at least the only things they steal are bases.

Dave Coronel

San Luis Obispo