Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 12/11

Make your voice heard

Reading headlines like “Wal-Mart’s ballot-box tactics are shameful” (Dec. 5) in your newspaper used to make my blood pressure rise. I would complain — at length — about how corporations are taking over our democracy, how the whole world is going down the tubes. Then my wife suggested I stop complaining and do something — anything — to change this world of ours. And I did. And I feel great.

I joined the California Clean Money Campaign and am helping to pass AB 1148, the California DISCLOSE Act. This bill, if passed, would help to reveal who is really paying for TV ads, print ads, radio spots and printed mailers. (See more at www.YesFairElections.org  )

Granted, I’m playing a small part — gathering signatures, making phone calls, speaking to groups — but I’m doing something, and complaining a lot less.

Therefore, may I suggest to your readers (especially “Letters to the Editor” readers) that if they ever feel their blood pressure rising, instead of complaining, go out and join a political campaign. They’ll feel better and maybe even make a difference.

Malcolm McEwen

Arroyo Grande

Time to end the insults

It is shocking, shocking. Ignoring California’s commitment to political correctness, an antitax group wants to block the “Drunken Sailor DNA” of our spendthrift state Legislature. John Coupal (Tribune, Dec. 7) should quickly end these insults to responsible sailors. The difference: Sailors stop drinking when they run out of money.

Jim Talbot

Arroyo Grande

Generous community

The People’s Kitchen of San Luis Obispo would like to take this time of giving thanks to thank the more than 40 groups who work to provide a hot noon meal to the hungry in San Luis Obispo. Each group is comprised of many volunteers who donate food, money and time to provide nutritious meals.

An additional thank you to Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort staff who organized a raffle to raise money for People’s Kitchen.

We are fortunate to live in a generous community that helps those who are less fortunate.

Mary N. Parker

Chair, People’s Kitchen board

Some clarification

To those of you who commented on my Nov. 4 letter published in The Tribune: Nowhere in my letter did I state that the policies of the Bush administration did not contribute to the nation’s financial problems. Bush’s policies did contribute to our financial problems as did Clinton’s repeal of Glass-Steagall and Barney Frank’s encouraging (pressuring) banks to finance houses for people who could not afford them.

The point of the letter was to call to readers’ attention that under the Obama administration nothing has improved. A failed administration.

Richard Placak


Courtesy in Atascadero

I found myself waiting in the dreaded Post Office line, and it was a long one. After a watching a few customers leave and our line slowly creep forward, I saw a woman come back in and go up to the teller who had waited on her. She waited for the current customer to leave and then handed the teller some money and said she (the teller) had given her too much change. Wow! I think more than one of us in line felt like clapping, but no one did — lots of smiles of appreciation though.

Then, a bit later, about midway into my wait, I saw the woman next in line to be waited on say something to the person behind her and walk to the door. She had seen an elderly man with a cane, who was obviously struggling to walk and stand, and offered to trade places in line with him so he could go next. He explained to her what he needed so she went back to her spot then completed this gentleman’s transaction as well as her own.

The Christmas spirit is alive and well in Atascadero and I saw it twice within a 15-minute timespan. I love my town.

Judy McPhail


A special arrogance

About 20 years ago we were told to use the new plastic grocery bags because they would save the planet. Now we are told that if we use them it will destroy the planet. Which is it?

The same crowd that pushed us to use the plastic bags thinks they know, and is now proceeding to ban the use of those evil, “single-use” bags and make us pay 10 cents per paper bag. It appears they believe we do not see the recycling bins strategically placed in all grocery stores and that we simply throw them to the wind.

Perhaps they’re not clever enough to find additional uses for their bags, or to realize that if grocery bags are banned we will be buying truly single-use plastic bags for our needs. If you do not like plastic grocery bags do not use them.

The proposed ban on plastic grocery bags and forced payment for paper is not a heroic measure, rather the special kind of arrogance these so called representatives show us breeds contempt.

I suggest that we all encourage our county supervisors to keep their noses out of our private business and personal choices.

Larry Pennington

San Luis Obispo

Kids did great job

We would like to offer a resounding and heartfelt “thank you!” to the wonderful elementary schoolchildren of Old Mission Catholic School who collected donations for the ninth consecutive year during this year’s “Trickor-Treat for UNICEF” program on Halloween. This year, Old Mission’s schoolchildren collected $566.46 from generous San Luis Obispo County residents to help other children in need, bringing the total collected and donated to UNICEF since 2003 to $4,020.55. Old Mission School of San Luis Obispo will again be acknowledged on UNICEF’s international website as a “Delegate” level school starting January 2012!

American schoolchildren have now collected and donated more than $164 million for children in need of assistance throughout our world since 1950, as UNICEF celebrates its 61st anniversary.

We salute all of these wonderful schoolchildren as genuine “UNICEF World Heroes”!

If you would like to learn how simple it is for your school to make a huge difference in the lives of our world’s children through the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund’s “Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF” program held each Halloween, please contact Mary Donnelly at 805-543-9955 or world dance@sbcglobal.net  , or UNICEF directly via its website at www.unicef   usa.org  .

Ms. Mary Donnelly

Coordinator, Old Mission Catholic School

Much appreciation

The Christmas in November committee and Central Coast Funds for Children would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to the individuals and businesses that made our recent Christmas in November event such a huge success. As a result, we will be able to make significant donations to organizations that aid children in need in San Luis Obispo County.

Underwriting was provided by Founders Community Bank, Rabobank, Charles Schwab, Express Employment Professionals and Hayner, Hayner, Miller & Crist, as well as private individuals. Designer Trees and fashions were provided by Fortini’s, Los Osos Rexall, Willis & Bennett, Kirk’s Windmill Farms, Ron’s, Stephen Patrick Design, My Favorite Things Boutique at the Madonna Inn, Ann’s, The Silver Seahorse, Chico’s, Apropos, Hep Kat, Romp, Harlow, Fanny Wrappers and Matthew Taylor’s, who also provided table favors. Other generous donations included a beautiful door prize from Ian Saudé, music by harpist Penny Beaver and Amaya Rose Dempsey, and makeup for the models by Melanie Mulavaney and Melaine Johnson of the Bladerunner. The generosity and support of our community and our hard-working members is greatly appreciated.

Ann Whitehead, Alethea Justus, Linda Butler, Marian Bernick, Virginia Yasumoto and Sharon Baldridge

Christmas in November Committee