Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 12/7

Do business locally

There was an optimistic indication of economic recovery at the recent Central Coast Economic Forecast, one that makes the “Buy Local” message we hear often particularly relevant.

The real message is that if you support local businesses, you support your community. Several studies show that buying local helps independent businesses. Every dollar you spend here in San Luis Obispo County is going to other people who spend their dollars here. It creates a sustainable and independent economy.

Think about it: Local retailers return about 32 cents out of every dollar to the community, helping us maintain our quality of life. Compare this to only 16 percent of the money spent at a superstore staying in the local economy, according to a 2009 Civic Economics study. We all enjoy the quality of life here on the Central Coast. Many of us moved here for the surf, the biking and hiking trails, the open spaces, safe schools and environment in which to raise our children. Unique businesses here add to this quality of life and make it more likely that “job creators” will move or start companies here.

So when you do business locally, you’re actually improving the quality of life for you, your family and your friends.

Jeff Buckingham

San Luis Obispo

Seething right back

“Pakistan is seething after the NATO border attack” (Nov. 27)?

I am seething about Pakistan’s long-term enmity to America.

I am seething about their complicity in the murder of 3,000 Americans on Sept. 11.

I am seething about their harboring of the monster behind this attack, and many others.

I am seething about their support of the Haqqani network which U.S. intelligence considers the No. 1 threat to our troops in Afghanistan.

Jon A. Hartz

Arroyo Grande

Not a nosedive

I take umbrage with your Dec. 3 Page 1 headline, “Nation’s jobless rate does nosedive.” In my opinion, the small reduction in the jobless rate can hardly be classified as a “nosedive.” But it does make rather clear where The Tribune stands politically.

Guy A. De Gagné

Pismo Beach

Los Osos water

As those of us in Los Osos who have Golden State Water as our water purveyor know all too well, GSW has filed for a rate increase. A huge rate increase.

GSW’s mailing to their Los Osos customers, showing the increase, doesn’t tell the full story. If they haven’t done so yet, I encourage the Los Osos Golden State Water customers to compare their usage/units with the other major Los Osos Water purveyor, Los Osos Community Services District.

Please go to LosOsos CSD.org   and click on the water rate link.

I found my current rate with GSW to be 55 percent higher than the Los Osos CSD rates (which were increased effective July 1).

Factoring my new Golden State Water rate, proposed to take effect Jan. 1, 2013, my rate will be 100 percent higher!

What is wrong with this picture? Both water purveyors draw from the same water source and have similar operations.

GSW is not required to do anything “special” that LOCSD does not have to do. I encourage all the Los Osos Golden State Water Company customers to protest to the California Public Utilities Commission, Division of Ratepayer Advocates/ DAR.

Michael Wright

Los Osos