Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 12/1

Benefit students

I have been mulling all day over the article “Californians willing to open wallets for schools, poll finds” (Nov. 20) and agree that most, if not all, people would agree that their taxes could be raised if schools get the dollars. That said, I have some serious caveats. So, if taxes are going to be raised for schools, could we assure the following things might be given:

1). Could the teachers get raises, not the administrators?

2). Could the students be provided more supplies?

3). Could we reinstate programs that have gone by the wayside during budget cuts?

4). Could a citizens panel oversee some of the spending so we are certain the students benefit and not the administration?

5). Could we oversee these funds at the local level?

There are probably other things that could/should be done to ensure that tax hikes would truly benefit the students and those who teach rather than being spent foolishly.

Carol Kiessig


Meals on Wheels

Started by a dedicated group of locals in 1975 and serving continuously for 36 years, Five Cities Meals on Wheels is one of the many groups working to help those in our county.

We are a small independent nonprofit delivering meals to residents of all ages in the Pismo/Five Cities area who need a hand with regular meals.

As with many of the wonderful organizations serving our area, funds are at issue. Our annual appeal is just coming out in The Tribune this Saturday and we hope those who are able to will support our program again this year by returning the envelope from the newspaper with any donation that fits. We can be reached at 773-2053.

Many of our donors and clients help support the expenses involved in daily meal delivery by our volunteers, and with incomes down and costs up, the challenges are obvious.

Thank you for considering this community effort and look for the green printed envelope for Five Cities Meals on Wheels.

Mary Howell

Director, Five Cities Meals on Wheels

Consuming more

In response to Mr. Bill Kapp’s letter of Nov. 18, I want to point out that just because the U.S. consumes a smaller portion of the world’s goods now than in the ’70s, it does not mean that we are consuming less and have a lower standard of living.

The quantity of goods manufactured has increased significantly since the ’70s, particularly the production of goods from China. We may actually be consuming more.

But countries that had very low standards of living in the past and were unable to purchase consumer goods now can. They have now joined us as consumers.

Laura Rice

San Luis Obispo

Words for veterans

I have two words for the veterans featured in your pictorial (Nov. 6) (plus all the ones that were not included): Thank you!

Stephanie Neubauer