Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 11/17

Trees must go

One thing those concerned about the proposed Morro Coast Audubon Society (MCAS) project at East Sweet Springs can agree on is that, should the eucalyptus trees be removed, the “view” will change. Whether the “view” will be diminished without the tall trees or enhanced with the addition of native trees and shrubs planned to replace the eucalyptus is a hotly contested debate.

Now is the time to put aside the egocentric human opinions about the “view” and consider the “view” of one of the endangered species the project is designed to help: the Morro shoulderband snail. The goals of the project, the Recovery Action Plan and one of the original reasons the property was deeded to MCAS include improving habitat quantity and quality for the federally endangered Morro shoulderband snail throughout the preserve and restoration of native dune scrub. The MCAS board and the funding organizations have not taken this goal lightly, hence the call for the removal of the invasive eucalyptus trees.

It is time for us, as humans, to put the needs of endangered species above our personal preferences and work together to restore this property.

For more information, visit www.morrocoastaudubon.org/ess.php

Jan Surbey

Morro Bay

Defending Paterno

“Say It Ain’t So, Joe!”

Those of us that grew up playing football in Pennsylvania knew of the legendary coach at Penn State, Joe Paterno. I was supposed to transfer to Penn State, but I changed my degree focus and completed my degree elsewhere, so I never had the pleasure of playing for Paterno.

Paterno always stressed academics first and football second. He instilled good sportsmanship, is a great leader and is well respected throughout the country. Because of his strong influence, the action of the university board seems to be a “power play” to relieve him of his duties. So tragic!

I don’t condone what Jerry Sandusky allegedly did. He is 100 percent responsible for his actions. The board seems to feel that “cleaning house” will satisfy the victims of the crimes — probably not! Immediately upon learning of the alleged sexual assault by Jerry Sandusky, Paterno contacted the athletic director and the vice president of the university. Their responsibility was to notify the police.

I hope the current students, athletes and all alumni come forward in support of Paterno. His players and colleagues, past and present, are in every walk of life. Let the board hear you loud and clear.

Ronald Podrasky

Arroyo Grande

Kudos to Dirkx

I cut out Phil Dirkx’s Nov. 11 column on patriotism to keep. The quality of The Tribune’s local columnists equals and often surpasses the syndicated ones. A gentle sense of humor can help the whole world grow up. Also, as Phil reminds us, we have a system for righting wrongs, have righted some horrible wrongs and will continue fumbling to right the current ones.


Evelyn Cole

Arroyo Grande