Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 11/12

Knowingly greedy

Apparently, Jody Langford is only aware of Fox News’ version of the mortgage crisis (letters, Oct. 26). Blaming only the borrowers and letting the bankers off the hook is ludicrous. Many of these home buyers who exaggerated their income were encouraged to do so by unscrupulous mortgage brokers selling adjustable loans.

These home buyers were lulled into a false sense of security as homes historically go up in value. Why weren’t the banks and mortgage companies doing their due diligence by checking the finances of these buyers? Instead, they knowingly handed out loans like candy.

I have applied for home loans, and my finances were checked and verified, always. Why did these banks and mortgage companies knowingly hand out these loans? They were greedy! They sold these liar loans as investment products with triple-A ratings, after paying off rating agencies. Then these banks took out insurance from AIG betting these financial products would lose money. More money for them!

Before someone does a rant about hypocrisy, jealousy and greed about someone only wanting to own a roof over their head, they should do their homework. Plus, since when is owning a house considered the high life? These people may have been stupid, but these banks, mortgage companies and Wall Street were and are unconscionable.

Darla Simpson

Arroyo Grande

Water line is lifeline

I recently attended the Nipomo Community Services District meeting to discuss the water problem we face. I wholeheartedly want to thank the men on that board for their hard work and expertise that they give to the project. I believe that the pipeline that is proposed is the best solution to the problem. The evidence is supported by numerous studies offered by experts in the field. The people opposed to their advice remind me of the ongoing and embarrassing sewer project in Los Osos. If that project had been built when first proposed, the cost would have been much less and the sewer would be done. Now we are behaving in the same way.

If the water I receive in the future from Nipomo is polluted with salt seawater, I will not be able to garden with it or drink it. Who in the future is going to want to live in an area like this? The value of my home is going to be much less.

We need to expedite the fix. When the vote comes, I hope people in Nipomo have the wisdom to do the right thing. Vote in favor of building the lifeline water line to Santa Maria.

Mark Lyon


Cause for wonder

In this morning’s Tribune (Nov. 4), I see the Senate GOP leader said, “The truth is, Democrats are more interested in building a campaign message than in rebuilding roads and bridges.” Did not this same person some time ago state that his main concern was to unseat the current president and disallow a second term?

A cause for wonderment, eh? 

Jeff Jeffries

Los Osos