Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 11/10

See both sides

As one of the letter writers that Patti Launders (Oct. 26) referred to, I was touched greatly while reading the wisdom in her heartfelt letter. We need more like her: people who can look or listen objectively at what others have to say and realize that, gee, “I might have erred.” We are all on this planet together and need to get along. Thank you, Patti, for having the courage to write back.

As for the letter “Hypocrisy, jealousy” (Oct. 26), the letter writer makes a good point in that some did rush into the housing market without due diligence. I also believe in individual responsibility. But that concept applies to individuals on both sides of the deal. Many people believed in the American Dream of home ownership, promulgated by our government and a host of other alluring gimmicks. Yet who could have known that wealthy financiers and corrupt lending agencies would lead us into this economic calamity?

Many reports have documented these corrupt practices, and several firms went bankrupt owing to their malfeasance. It is amazing to me how some can overlook the individual responsibility of the wealthiest amongst us and blame it all on the unsuspecting and financially naive when the deck was, by all accounts, stacked.

Fred Raleigh


Thrill of riding

On Oct. 15, hundreds of cyclists flooded the streets of SLO County during the second annual SLO GranFondo. After a rallying pep talk from Bob Stapleton, a massive group of cyclists raced through downtown San Luis Obispo. There are no words to describe the thrill of riding in that sea of people, pulled along by the excitement of riding for a purpose.

The proceeds of the SLO GranFondo benefit ALPHA Pregnancy and Parenting Support, a nonprofit supporting families and babies of SLO County. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the cyclists supporting the Bike for Babies mission, to the hundreds of enthusiastic volunteers and to the generous sponsors. You came prepared to be your best on your bike, and it showed. Thank you for helping use the bicycle to improve our quality of life. The local families who benefit from ALPHA’s services thank you, and so do we.

Jen Miller

Executive director, ALPHA Pregnancy and Parenting Support