Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 10/15

Trust doesn’t pay

All my life I have trusted people. As a child, I learned to never mess with or take anyone’s belongings.

Now that I’m 82-1/2, things have changed dramatically. I live in an apartment for seniors where things in the parking lot are fairly regularly messed with or taken by people who don’t have anything better to do than steal.

My recumbent trike, lock, helmet and other things were stolen.

Two tires in a vintage pickup belonging to another tenant were stolen. Another bike may have been taken as well; it’s been missing for two days.

I didn’t discover the theft until I was ready to head to my cancer radiation treatment. Not only was I not able to wear my helmet and rearview mirror, but I was also late for two appointments.

Nobody saw or heard any noises; we don’t have garages or storage areas — and we are not allowed to keep bikes or trikes in outdoor areas. My trike wouldn’t fit anyway.

Yes, I’ve had stuff stolen previously from my earlier bike, but this was the worst I’ve endured. I reported the thefts to the police, and an officer made a report. Unfortunately, my things cannot be reclaimed. Shame on those who steal from others.

Jean Anderson

San Luis Obispo

Simple blackmail

Kudos to Margaret Fertschneider for beating me to the punch on this story on Grover Norquist. Like you, I am disgusted with the games he is playing with our Congress.

This one man is holding our Congress hostage by sending our Republican senators a pledge saying that they will never sign any bill raising taxes, and goes a step further by saying that if any senators or House members do not sign this pledge, he will see to it that they will never be elected again. This to me is a simple case of blackmail.

I have written to our attorney general, every congressperson that I voted for to work for me, and every talk-show host, all with no responses.

You are right in saying “maybe we should start a new revolution.” I don’t care if you are Republican, Democrat or sitting on the fence; please, everyone, write to your elected officials and complain that no one person can do this to our Congress.

Merl Deena

San Luis Obispo

Safety sacrificed

I have resided in San Luis Obispo since 1968, owning my present home in Los Verdes Park Two since 1978.

When I moved to San Luis Obispo in 1968, the property comprising Los Verdes Parks One and Two was cattle gazing land. The city of San Luis Obispo annexed these properties and zoned them “R1-SC,” special consideration for planned unit residential development.

Los Osos Valley Road separates Los Verdes Parks One and Two, with the freeway overpass completed in the 1980s.

Last Tuesday, Oct. 4, the mayor and city council approved a project revamping the LOVR interchange and sacrificed residential safety between Highway 101 and South Higuera Street to commercial use, such as Madonna Enterprises, et. al.

Anne Sinsheimer

San Luis Obispo